Intra Foundation provides ambulances to refugee camps

Two ambulances have been provided to two Bhutanese refugee camps in the Koshi Province. Chief Minister of Koshi Province Kedar Karki handed over the ambulances one each to the Beldangi camp in Jhapa and the Shanishare camp in Pathari, Morang. The ambulances were received with support from the Intra Foundation. On the occasion, Chief Minister Karki also marked the beginning of a health post at Pathari Shanishare-10 in Morang. The health post was opened targeting the Bhutanese refugees residing in the district. Praising the contributions made by the Intra Foundation and its founder, Dilli Adhikari, the Chief Minister stated that the province government will take responsibility for the operation and management of the camp. Intra Foundation is a US-based social organization established to unite Nepalis residing across the world. Source: National News Agency RSS