How to Become a Stand Up Comedian?

Standup comedy is an intimate and terrifying performing style available. Mastering standup comedy takes years of devotion and hard work—not to mention a thick skin and the willingness to persist regardless of how many times you fail. However, through perseverance you can develop this ability. This article will cover everything you need to know about being a stand up comedian, from training to writing jokes.

What is Stand Up Comedy?

In the simplest terms, standup comedy is a kind of comedy in which a comic takes a position on stage in front of an audience and performs a pre-rehearsed routine—typically a combination of jokes and lengthier amusing anecdotes. Although content and performance style vary widely amongst comedians, there are a few aspects of standup comedy as an art form that is fairly universal.

Standup comedy is a one-man show. Traditionally, standup comedy has been a one-man or one-woman act. If you’re more at ease performing in a group or ensemble setting, there are alternative styles of humour—such as sketch comedy and improv—that will satisfy your desire.

Becoming a Professional Stand Up Comedian

Watch, and Learn

Comedians are obsessed with developing and delivering the finest content possible, so if you want to join their ranks and become a comedian, it’s time to think and behave like one. The most effective approach to do this is to watch as much standup comedy as possible. Even if you are unable to attend a comedy club, there are plenty of other venues where you may witness outstanding humour.

Numerous comedians have a Netflix, HBO, or Dry Bar Comedy standup special. YouTube is another limitless well of material for standup comedians. If you have a favourite comedian, try to catch their first set and compare it to a later set. You’ll notice how almost every comedian’s set selection evolves over time. This is because they are also watching, observing, and gaining knowledge.

Take a Class

It’s not as if you can take a class and instantaneously become humorous. It does not function that way, but it is a nice starting point. A compelling incentive to enrol in a comedy class is to learn from industry experts. As a newcomer, you are certain to make errors, but learning from others’ errors is also a good idea.

Acquainting yourself with the errors made by pros in the comedy business can assist you in avoiding them. Additionally, you will be part of a community of amusing individuals who will exchange ideas and learn from one another’s experiences. You’ll have an audience with which to rehearse your performance prior to attending your first standup comedy event.

Given the ease with which almost anything can be found online, enrolling in an online comedy class is an excellent method to kick-start your enthusiasm for humour. Discover how to plan and compose your jokes, how to conquer stage fear and the process of preparing a performance.


Take a cue from Nike and Just Do It. One of the most common anxieties of standup comedians is stage fright. Attending an open mic allows you to practice your jokes without concern of offending the paying audience.

As is the case with many successful comedians, you will have butterflies in your stomach each time you take the stage, but the laughs and laughing will help improve your confidence along the road. You can simply discover local comedy clubs to perform at or even rehearse your acts through virtual open mics. While internet audiences may not have the same impact as live audiences, you will at least have a sense of whether your jokes are hilarious or not.

As the audience is mostly composed of other comedians, it’s an excellent opportunity to interact with other standups and network for more professional engagements. This way, you can rehearse your acts and get experience performing in front of an audience while networking with other comedians.

Find Your Voice

Because standup comedy is the most intimate type of humour, you must have a real routine. While you may be tempted to emulate your favorite standup comedians, this is not the best method to begin a career in comedy. Reflect on yourself and your life and bring to the stage what identifies you.

By asking yourself a few questions, you may facilitate the process of discovering your genuine voice, which does not have to be identical to your true self but should complement it.

Start Writing

Put an end to your contemplation and procrastination. There is no such thing as a perfect day, so begin writing now. If you’ve benefited from a comedy class, now is the moment to put your newfound knowledge to the test. Make observations about your environment and personal experiences. Consider what irritates you and write about it.

It will soon assume the shape of a joke. You will see your inconsistencies and develop self-awareness; here is where the comedy will be found. Do you rationalise your judgments of others or of yourself? There is a comedy hidden somewhere in that arrangement. Your jokes might be satirical or self-deprecating, but they will undoubtedly win over the audience.

There are several ways to begin your standup comedy career, but the critical first step is to begin. Each day, watch a variety of humour broadcasts, read books, make observations, and compose jokes.


Standup comedy is a passion-driven professional path that, with the appropriate flow, may evolve into an acting career. As a standup comedian, you may polish your humorous voice, establish a unique connection with your audience, and even begin a career in acting.

Due to its distinctiveness, it is undoubtedly one of the ten most intriguing occupations you have never heard of. Life is just as serious as you make it, so maybe it’s time to take things a bit less seriously and inject some humour into the mix.