Government to take possession of all historic buildings in Nawabganj, Dohar: Salman


Prime Minister's Private Industry and Investment Adviser Salman F Rahman Monday said the government will take possession of all the historic buildings in Nawabganj and Dohar upazilas that are currently being illegally occupied.

No illegal occupants will be spared, he added.

The adviser made the comments while visiting Brajo Niketan, a palatial residence of a British-era zamindar, in Nawabganj.

On December 31, the government took possession of the old structure, which had been illegally occupied for a long time.

Illegal establishments evicted from Banasree area

Also, Salman requested the officials of the Department of Archeology to restore the house to its previous condition.

Asked what will happen to the other occupied houses, the adviser said: "There are six other houses which are being occupied in Nawabganj and the ones in Dohar are being listed."

"These historical buildings will be recovered following the law. All government properties will be recovered gradually."

Source: United News of Bangladesh