Festive environment at Ashrayan sites as homeless to get abodes tomorrow

A joyous environment has been prevailing at Noagaon Ashrayan Project here as beneficiaries will formally receive their houses tomorrow as part of total 39,365 such abodes to be donated by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina across the country.

The Prime Minister will virtually hand over 100 two-room semi pucca houses here to landless and homeless people under the fourth phase of the Ashrayan-2 Project.

Since the beneficiaries of the houses have already been allotted their respective homes, many of them were seen decorating their homes.

"We are very much happy to imagine that I am going to own a semi pucca house that actually gives a sustainable solution to my landless and homeless status," said Rina Begum with a wide smile on her face while she was cleaning her house with water.

Landless Rina and her husband Md Shaser Ali were living on land of others for generations erecting mud-made home with straw roof, which was very much vulnerable to floods and cyclonic storms.

Since Sylhet is one of the most flood prone regions, Gowainghat upazila is the prime entrance of the flood water.

"Every year, our houses are inundated with flood water, which drastically damages the houses making those unlivable until further renovation," said Rina.

Her five-member family, including three daughters, is now hoping to lead a better life as the Ashrayan house ignites a hope of giving them a permanent solution to their housing problem.

"I still cannot imagine that we will pass nights under such a wonderful infrastructure from tomorrow. I hope this will give us a relief from regular cost of house renovation," said Rina.

Like Rina, Noor Md Laden and Mst Perveen Begum are also getting the house at the Ashrayan Project area tomorrow.

"This house is not merely an abode to me, but also a symbol of my dignity that improves our social status giving a permanent address," said Perveen.

"As Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina blessed us with her heartfelt affection, my first priority is now making the children educated," said Perveen, who is now leading her family with income of her 13-year-old son and working at other's homes herself.

According to Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Tahmilur Rahman, a total of 170, including 100 houses at Noagaon Ashrayan Project, will be handed over tomorrow in the upazila.

About Noagaon Ashrayan Project, he said, "This site has been developed considering other facilities for its beneficiaries".

After ensuring electricity, water supply is being ensured through 10 overhead tanks, one for each 10 families, he said, adding, a one-kilometre canal and a pond have been dug surrounding the project area that is ensuring water supply for its beneficiaries along with irrigation facilities.

Noting that this project is going to create a new environment as the project site has been developed on uncultivated land surrounded by agricultural land, Tahmilur said the families, which are set to get home here, came from different areas of the upazila.

"So, we hope this project will help create a new atmosphere with the coexistence of people from different parts of the upazila," he added.

Earlier, 895 landless and homeless families were rehabilitated at the upazila, the UNO said, adding more 124 houses are now under construction.

However, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will declare seven districts and 159 upazilas as homeless and landless free areas tomorrow.

With handing over 39,365 more houses among homeless and landless people across the country tomorrow, the total number of distributed houses will stand at 2,15,827 under Ashrayan-2 Project.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha