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Dhaka trashes NIKKEI Asia report as “completely false, misleading”

Bangladesh has described the recent report run by NIKKEI Asia as “completely false and misleading” saying Bangladesh will share its reaction with NIKKEI Asia on the report.

“This is not true. It’s completely false and misleading,” State Minister for Foreign Affairs Md Shahriar Alam told reporters on Monday, adding that there is nothing like Bangladesh-China maintenance centre or missile maintenance centre and there is no plan to have anything like that.

But naturally, he said, regular maintenance is required when any equipment is purchased from any country which is part of that particular purchase.

“Beyond this, there is no plan to build any facility afresh. Even in the past, there was no such facility that could be used as a hub,” Shahriar explained further.

NIKKEI Asia recently ran a report titled “India wary of China setting up Bangladesh missile maintenance hub, Beijing ‘crossing a line’ as it deepens defense ties with old ally of New Delhi.”

With China preparing to set up a maintenance facility in Bangladesh for surface-to-air missile systems it supplied in 2011, alarm bells are ringing in New Delhi, the report reads.

Talking to UNB, a Foreign Ministry official said the report carried by NIKKEI ASIA is a “provocative and leading” one and he sees an “evil motive” behind such a report in the media. “This doesn’t appear to be true. If it is not true, should we say so?”

On Sunday, Chinese Ambassador to Bangladesh Li Jiming said China will not build any military base in Bangladesh or any other foreign land.

“China will not build any military facility or military base on any foreign territory, including in Bangladesh. China will not build anything militarily in any other country’s territory. That’s for sure,” he said when his attention was drawn about the report.

Ambassador Jiming, however, said he does not have any specific information about the media report and he will have to check it further. “I cannot firmly confirm this information because this is from the (media) report. I will have to check it. That is so far I can share with you.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh