CPD working with ‘political motive’: Agri Minister

One of the country’s leading think-tanks, the Center for Policy Dialogue (CPD), is working with a political motive to bring a particular party to power, Agriculture Minister Abdur Razzaque said on Monday.


“CPD conducts many polls with political motives in mind. They want to bring a particular political party to power and are affiliates of that party,” he said.


The AL leader made the remarks while speaking to reporters in the conference room of the Ministry of Agriculture at the secretariat.


He questioned the results of CPD’s recent survey, ‘Corruption Still the Biggest Barrier to Business in Bangladesh,’ saying, “People need to know their survey method. Their survey method and objectivity are highly questionable. They are neither sinless nor unbiased.”


Business environment in Bangladesh deteriorated in 2022, says CPD


He stated that countries such as the United States, Japan, and India experienced negative growth as a result of the Covid pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, and asked, “How does the CPD perceive Bangladesh’s positive growth despite this situation?”


Abdur Razzak also stated that corruption exists in countries such as the United States and Germany, as well as in Bangladesh. “Khaleda Zia was imprisoned on corruption charges. Corruption has not yet been completely eradicated,” he said.


During the meeting, the minister discussed increasing agricultural exports and the progress of implementing export roadmaps.


He said that two roadmaps were implemented in order to increase agricultural goods and potato exports.


He also mentioned that the ministry is working to reduce some barriers, such as banking complications and the allocation of export incentives.


Source: United News of Bangladesh