‘Boost women journalists’ access to IT’


Speakers at a programme have stressed the need for boosting women journalists' access to information technology (IT) along with their professional enhancement.

During a programme organized by Press Council Nepal on 'Women journalist's status, problems and remedies' here Sunday, Chairperson of National Women Commission, Kamala Parajuli, viewed women need to lead media sector because it is an important area for their empowerment.

Director General at Department of Information and Broadcasting, Shankar Nepal, said professional development among women is imperative with the exercise of free speech as envisioned by Nepal's constitution and relevant laws.

Similarly, Chairperson of Federation of Nepali Journalists, Bipul Pokhrel, viewed time has come to wipe out exploitation of labour in journalism sector and ensure women editors in Nepali media. Media could be further professionalized through the use of IT, according to him.

Chairperson of Minimum Wage Fixing Committee, Sangita Khadka, analysed that Nepali media sector has witnessed crisis in the wake of unprecedented development of IT, Covid-19 pandemic and economic crisis. The Working Journalists Act must be enforced effectively, she underlined.

Moreover, Chairperson of Sancharika Samuha, Bimala Tumkhewa, also stressed guarantee of women's leadership in IT and media.

Former Chairperson of Sancharika Samuha, Nirmala Sharma, viewed women journalists' competence in IT is essential for their professional and personal security.

General Secretary of Sancharika Samuha, Basanti Bastola, made a presentation on women journalists' status and problems in Nepal. She argued that Nepali media lack women's presence in editorial level. She recommended an establishment of a body to hear women journalists' complaints.

Press Council Nepal's Chairman Balkrishna Basnet shared information that that the programme was organized to shed light on the problems facing Nepal's women journalists and how they could be addressed. The Council would provide training to women journalists for their empowerment at province level as well.

Source: National News Agency Nepal