54 warehouses to be constructed for safe chemicals storage, says Finance Minister


As part of the government initiatives to ensure a safe environment in the industries, a total of 54 godowns will be constructed under a project titled ‘Building Warehouses for Storage of Chemicals’.

This project is now underway temporarily at the premises of Ujala Factory Ltd. at Shyampur to move the chemical factories and warehouses scattered in Old Dhaka to safer places as soon as possible.

Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal informed this in his budget speech.

He said as pledged in the election manifesto, the establishment of ETP has been made compulsory in the red and orange marked factories set up in BSCIC industrial cities as part of the environmental protection programme.

He said there is no alternative to increasing the productivity of the industrial sector and improving the quality of manufactured goods to maintain the pace of development for a sustainable, universal, and environment-friendly economic development in continuance of the development achieved in the past decades.

“To increase the contribution of the industrial sector to 41.86 percent of GDP, in line with the Eighth National Five-Year Plan we have formulated time-befitting policies and identified implementation strategies for industrial expansion,” he said.

According to the BBS, the contribution of the industrial sector to the GDP in FY2007-2008 was 17.7 per cent, which stood at 35.36 per cent FY2021-2022.

He said that considering the growing demand for urea fertilizer for the development of agriculture in Bangladesh, the government has started commercial production of urea fertilizer at the Shahjalal Fertilizer Factory at Fenchuganj in Sylhet District at a cost of Tk. 4 thousand 985 crore .