Top 10 Best Free Kids Games on Android


In recent years, towns and cities offer limited open space where children can play freely. As fields are not available, many children want to spend more time with technology. Technology is not always bad for kids. Parents can allow their children to spend quality time playing educational and child-friendly themes games for a restricted time of the day. However, parents need to make sure which ones are safe and useful for their offspring. We are here with 10 excellent kids Android games that are free and easily downloadable & totally safe for children.

10 best free kids games on Android

Playmobil Horse Farm

This game was released in 2018 by Geobra Brandstätter Stiftung & C0.KG. The download size MB of this game is 46.61 MB and its Playstore rating is 3.9.

This game is 100% Free and Child-safe. It has age-specific content. No In-App-Purchases here. Kids can play it both on Android and ios. Children can build a toy line with just blocks. The game mainly focuses on collection-based activities, so children can grasp information better through repetitive gameplay.

LEGO City Explorers

LEGO System A/S released this game in 2019. It has a 72.11 MB download size and its Playstore rating is 4.0.

It is free and child-safe. The game has a rocket-launching mode so children here can expect a fun experience by playing this game. This game is made taking inspiration, particularly from NASA, and offers videos showcasing similar performances of real-life NASA scientists. There are no IAPs or ads here. No in-app purchases. Available both in Android and ios. Free & Member

Starfall Education Foundation released it in 2013. The download size of this game is 66.39 MB and its Playstore Rating is 4.5.

It is free and fully educational. This is perfect for pre-K schoolers and third-graders alike. Parents can approve for their kids because it is research-based and teacher-tested. Here kids can learn simple numerics and alphabets with fun. Its usability is awesome which is absolutely gamified and integrates with important subjects like math and reading. However, this is not available offline.

Tornado Time Free

It was released in 2014 by Happy Polygon LLC. Its download size is 14.33MB and its Playstore rating is 3.8.

It is free and suitable for an old-school variety with superficial gameplay and performance. You need to deal with only one goal but it will pull down the entire town. Besides, there is only one stage handy here. Your win depends on score; how much you can shatter and gain scores on. Though the gameplay is repetitive, children enjoy it.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids was released in 2018 by Khan Academy. This game has a 128 MB download size. Its Playstore rating is 4.6.

This game is educational and totally free for little kids. Children will surely learn languages, math, reading material, and GK. It is customizable. So You can customize it to suit the main pressure points of your child, and they could improve on it with this app easily. Its design is so lively and contrasting that it attracts childrens’ concentration easily.

Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Boca released the Toca Kitchen 2 game in 2015 and updated it on Jan 13, 2022. It has an 81.82 MB download size and a Playstore rating of 4.2.

This is totally free. Not only girls but also boys can play and enjoy this game. Children like this game because of its user-friendly design and features. The cooking-based game attracts children’s interests and it helps to improve their speed as well. You will find no IAPs, costs, or ads here.

Pet Bingo (Duck Duck Moose)

This game is suitable for age groups 5-10. Duck Duck Moose, LLC released this game in 2013 and updated 0n Sep 30, 2020. It has a 35.72 MB download size. Its Playstore rating is 4.2.

The children who like or are interested in Mathematics will enjoy the game highly. It is suitable for kids aged 5- to 10. Children can learn and refine their math skills such as subtraction, addition, multiplication, measurements, division, and geometry. It suits children at different learning levels well because the problems are not very complex here.

LEGO Duplo World

StoryToys Entertainment Limited released the LEGO Duplo World game in 2019 and updated it on Feb 14, 2022. Its download size is 75.5 MB and the Playstore rating of this game is 3.9

These games are free, but some varieties can cost higher. It has many versions that appeal to children easily. The versions are LEGO Scooby-Doo, LEGO DC Superheroes, and others. Generally, these games are perfect for older children. They would like this game more and can control the different advanced techniques better.


Little 10 Robot released Alpha Tots in 2018. It has a 23.76 download size. Its Playstore rating is 3.4.

This free game is a fun game for kids aged 5 to younger. It has 26 fun preschool puzzles and mini-games that help kids learn the alphabet! It’s an engaging alphabet sing-along song that attracts kids’ concentration. It has an interactive alphabet that helps kids recite their ABCs. The good thing is it has both upper- and lowercase versions of every letter. Players can build robots and solve robot-themed games and puzzles.

Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock

Human Heroes: Einstein’s Clock was released on January 16, 2020, by edtech startup KalamTech and updated on Feb 27, 2020. The game has a 120 MB download size. Its Playstore rating is 4.6.

It is a free kids’ game with educational elements. Here children learn about different types of clocks. The game has a number of mini-games that help teach kids to understand how the concept of time works. In the beginning, they learn the basics like telling time on an analog clock, but there are some more complex articles in there too. The game’s performance is outstanding, even for older players.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned kid-friendly android games are enjoyable for the young gamers. What’s more, children can even learn many new things from these games. Consider the grade level and understanding capacity of your child to select the most suitable games. You can easily download these versions. Most of them are available in both iOS and Android versions.

Source: United News of Bangladesh