Lata Mangeshkar: India’s Legendary Singing Diva

_: Lata Mangeshkar is one of the most celebrated singers of all time in India. Her career spans over six decades and she has sung in more than thirty-six different languages, including Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Assamese, and Urdu. During her eventful career, Lata sang more than 20,000 songs. Legendary vocalist Lata Mangeshkar’s life came to an end at 92 years on February 6, 2022. This article will take you through a glimpse of her eventful life and career.

Early Life

Lata Mangeshkar was born at Indore in Madhya Pradesh under India on September 28, 1929. She was the eldest of the five children of Deenanath Mangeshkar, a renowned Marathi and Konkani singer, and his wife, Shevanti. From an early age, Lata showed a great interest in music and began learning to sing from her father. She started singing at the age of five and made her first public appearance at the age of nine. Her journey as a professional singer started at the age of 13.


Lata Mangeshkar started her career in 1942, singing Marathi songs. In 1947, she sang for the first Hindi movie. She sang the song ‘Pa Lagu Kar Jori’ in Basant Joglekar’s ‘Aap Ki Sewa Mein’. Two years later, composer Ghulam Haider gave him his first big chance. After that, she continued singing. Known as the ‘Nightingale of India’, Lata Mangeshkar has sung nearly 30,000 songs in 36 Indian languages in her more than half-century-long career.

When Lata was only 13 years old (1942), Deennath Mangeshkar died of a heart attack. As a result, the responsibility of the entire family fell on 13-year-old Lata.

Master Vinayak, the owner of Navajug Chitrapat Film Company, a friend of the family, came and stood beside the Mangeshkar family. As a child, Lata occasionally sang in movies. But Binayak advised her to take singing and acting as a career. However, her song ‘Khelu Sari Money House Vari’ sung in a Marathi film was dropped from the final cut of the film. Yet Lata did not give up.

Master Vinayak assigned a small character for Lata Mangeshkar in his film ‘Pahili Mangala-Gaur’. In this film, she sang the song ‘Natali Chaitrachi Navalai’ composed by Dada Chandekar. However, There was still a constant battle with her life. She has never been able to find a film career interesting. She focused on playback singing.

After Binayak’s death, music director Ghulam Haider became Lata’s guru. On his 84th birthday, she said, Ghulam Haider was the “godfather” of her life. Ghulam Haider took the opportunity to give a chance to Lata, she sang ‘Dil Mera Tora, Mujhe Kahi Ka Na Chhora’ in the movie ‘Majboor’ (1948). This one song forced the Bollywood industry to think about this new singer. The first big hit of her life was the song ‘Aayega Aanewala’ from the movie ‘Mahal’ (1949). Actress Madhubala synced her lips in this song.

That was just the beginning. Then hundreds of songs took the hearts of millions of people. She got appreciation from people from all sectors and achieved innumerable awards and titles. In the fifties, she sang with all the renowned music directors. In the sixties, she produced all-time famous songs like ‘Peer Kiya To Darna Kya’ or ‘Ajib Dastan Hai Yeh’ and more.

She has performed numerous concerts in the seventies at home and abroad, many of them as charity. Time did not stop like Lata. As a result of her many creations, she was easily inducted into the Guinness Book of World Records as the highest number of song recorders. However, later her sister Asha Bhosle broke the record. Lata Mangeshkar did not know many of the languages of her songs, which were composed in 36 languages. There are also Bengali songs in it.


In recognition of her achievements, she earned three national awards, twelve Bengali Film Journalists Association Awards, and four Filmfare Awards. In the end, however, she said she would not take the Filmfare anymore as she wanted the newcomers to get the award.

Not only the award, but Lata also won the Padma Bhushan in 1989, the Dadasaheb Phalke Award in 1989, the Padma Bhushan in 1999, and the Bharat Ratna in 2001 as the second Indian musician.

In 2007, the French government awarded Lata the title of French Legion of Honor, the country’s highest civilian honor.

Lata Mangeshkar’s Superhit Songs

In 1949 ‘Jiya Bekarar Hai’ stirred the minds of the listeners. In 1955 ‘man dole mera tan dole’ shook the heart of the whole country, in 1957 ‘Aaja Re Pardesi’ shook the music lovers again. Gradually Lata Mangeshkar reached the peak of fame and popularity. The film industry took Lata by surprise with her super-duper hits. Further, she also became the jewel in the eyes of music directors.

Lata had the amazing skill of making her mood according to the meaning of the song. In the same film, Lata has sung in different voices for three heroines; her singing style has changed in every case. Lata’s voice, which is similar to that of an almost mature heroine like Nargis, easily matches Bobby’s teenage heroine Dimple.

Whether it is a baby song, a song of separation or excitement, a mother’s song to put the child to sleep, a love song, or a devotional song, Lata’s magical voice could skillfully evoke the desired feeling by fulfilling all the sequences.

She also has many super hit songs in Bangla. ‘Prem Ekbari Eshechilo Nirobe’, ‘Ashar Shrabon Mane Na To Mon’, ‘O Mor Moyna Go’, ‘O Palash O Shimul’, ‘Akash Pradeep Jole’ are a few of her Bangla hit songs.

Personal Life and Death

Lata Mangeshkar dedicated her life to her family. She was never married. She always prioritizes her work and family only. Hence, she never thought of getting married. Although there have been many rumors about her never married life, she said in an interview that she is doing fine with her single life.

Lata Mangeshkar contracted corona in early January. Since then, she has been admitted to the ICU of Breach Candy Hospital in Mumbai. She has been there since January 8. On January 30, her corona report came negative. Later she was also brought out of the ventilation. On February 6 at 8:12 am Lata Mangeshkar took her last breath after a long battle in the hospital.

Undoubtedly, Lata Mangeshkar was one of the most veteran music superstars of the Indian subcontinent. The music enthusiasts around the world will always remember her melodious voice and lifelong passion for music.

Source: United news of Bangladesh