Zero-tolerance against irregularities in relief activities: Obaidul Quader

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader on Tuesday said the government has adopted a zero tolerance policy against irregularities in relief activities.


“Legal, administrative and party actions already taken against irregularities proves it. As the government is in a tough position, action is being taken as soon as any irregularities are detected. A group is making imaginary allegations that no action is being taken. It is unjustifiable,” he said while briefing journalists at his residence.


Quader, also Road, Transport and Bridges Minister noted that the coronavirus situation in Bangladesh is worsening.


“Although our position is better than other countries of the world including neighboring countries India and Pakistan, the situation is deteriorating. Virus infections are on the rise which is becoming apparent,” he said.


Obaidul Quader highlighted that some sectors after reopening are not following the health regulations which can cost dearly. “After relaxing the general holiday in some cases, the call for strict adherence to hygiene and physical distance in trade centers, ferries, RMG sector is being ignored.”


“We must not forget that a little negligence will lead to a catastrophe,” he added.


The AL General Secretary urged the shoppers to avoid brick-and-mortar stores and use online shopping options.


“Those who shop directly at shopping malls have a higher risk of infection. So I am requesting them to try online shopping with the help of technology without visiting shops directly. This will reduce the risk of infection,” he said.


Obaidul Quader further said that due to coronavirus situation people suffering from other diseases are being deprived of treatment. “Doctors have been unable to see patients in private chambers…I am requesting the doctors to see the patients in the private chambers for some time every day by wearing protective equipment in compliance with the hygiene rules.


He said people have to get used to living with the coronavirus crisis.


Source: United News of Bangladesh