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Youths will take Bangladesh forward with merit, hard work and patriotism: Sajeeb Wazed

People of Bangladesh are capable of solving their own problems, said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s ICT Adviser Sajeeb Wazed Joy — conveying his note of optimism that youths will drive Bangladesh forward by overcoming the crisis gripping the world as a war rages on.


Speaking at the sixth installment of Joy Bangla Youth Award at Sheikh Hasina Jubo Unnoyon Institute in Savar, he said, “You know that the world is undergoing a crisis. A war is going on, and so are problems. We dealt with the Covid-19 crisis just two years ago. Coming hot on its heels are a war, terrorism, and price hike. Financial pressure is building up.”


Addressing the fear among many about how the country would go forward amid all these problems, he said, “You (youths) are the examples of solving problems. There is no end to problems. We, Awami League, have been in power for 14 straight years. How many problems did we face?”


“Power outage was the first one. How would we solve the load shedding problem? Then comes the economy. How will so many people be fed? How will this economy advance? We proved that all these problems could be solved,” he said.


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Reflecting on the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, he said, “Then came Covid. Everyone was scared. Apprehension set in across the whole world. But, what did we see? In Bangladesh, we managed it in our own way and with our own plans. We have dealt with it in a smarter way than most countries in the world, even better than some of the richest countries.”


“It fills my heart with joy seeing that you (youths) are making a robotic hub. It is brilliant. You are sending representatives to the UN to place demands on climate change. That is outstanding,” he added.


Praising everyone for working in unison, he said, “You are amazing! our country is an outstanding country. We fought and shed blood to liberate our country. We earned the capability to ensure food for 16 crore people. Within 10 to 15 years, we have enabled the transition of this country of 16 crore people from lower to middle-income status.”


“These youths, these winners of Young Bangla — you are the future! You will drive the country forward. I believe that you will transform middle-income Bangladesh into a high-income one. We will see that in our lifetime.”


“We will achieve it with our hard work. We will solve our own problems with our merit. If we have confidence and patriotism, it is possible to do anything for our country and the people,” he added.


Expressing the hope that youths would build future Bangladesh, he said, “The only word I am left with to express my feelings is ‘outstanding’. Not just the awardees, but also the finalists and 600 participants are all victorious today.”


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“Undoubtedly, the way you are working for the country and its people is an example for all citizens and the world as well. Without reaching out to anyone for help, youths like you are working with your own efforts, with your own merit and thoughts. You are not waiting for anyone. This is our spirit.”


The sixth instalment of Joy Bangla Youth Award commenced at 3:00 PM on Saturday with the national anthem. A documentary on Young Bangla’s activities was displayed in the beginning. Around 600 youth-led organizations applied for the award. Among them, 28 were given the tickets for the final round. In the end, 10 organizations were awarded under five categories. Two were honoured with lifetime achievement award.


In the welcome speech, State Minister for Power, Energy and Mineral Resources and CRI Trustee Nasrul Hamid Bipu said, “Six years went by so fast. Today Young Bangla has 3.5 lakh members.”


Addressing youths, he said, “You are giving your best from different parts of the country. The jury board was represented by iconic people of the society. Heartfelt thanks to everyone!”


Source: United News of Bangladesh