Will Juba Mohila League finally get new leadership at 2022 conference?


Aspiring young leaders of the female youth wing of ruling party Awami League are increasingly frustrated at the lack of change in the central leadership of their organisation for the last 20 years.


Nazma Akhter and Apu Ukil have been occupying the top two positions of the Juba Mohila League since 2004, following its formation in 2002 with former women leaders of the Chhatra League, AL’s student front.


Many, who did not wish to be named, told UNB about their regret and disappointment.


In such a reality, the third tri-annual conference of the organisation will be held on Thursday (December 15) after five years.


Awami League president Sheikh Hasina will be present as the chief guest at the conference to be held at Suhrawardy Udyan in the capital.


Meanwhile, the leaders of the party are expecting a change in the top leadership of Jubo Mohila League through this conference.


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Leaders hoping for the post of president and general secretary of Jubo Mohila League are expecting new leadership for the top two positions through this year’s conference.


The current general secretary Apu Ukil said preparations for the tri-annual council are done.


“The issue of leadership is up to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. She will do what she thinks best. I will work where she allows me to work,” she said, when asked to comment on the possibility.


Vice President Kohale Quddus Mukti, a former Chhatra League leader, said that there is enthusiasm among the leaders and workers around the conference, and it is being held as part of a continuous political process.


“Jubo Mohila League is an organisation created by Father of the Nation Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina,” Mukti said. “I have been with the organisation since its birth. She (Sheikh Hasina) is our guardian. We put our trust and confidence in her. Whatever decision she takes, we will follow that. Everything will depend on the decision of the Prime Minister.”


Jubo Mohila League organising secretary Sharmin Sultana Lilly said the platform was created for former Chhatra League women leaders. Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina created it at a time when BNP-Jamaat terrorist activities, and atrocities against women were rampant. As a street fighter, she then formed the Jubo Mohila League.


“We want the leadership of Dhaka University to be given priority by those who were the leaders of Chhatra League. But whatever decision she (Sheikh Hasina) takes regarding the leadership, we all will accept it,” Lilly also said.


Awami League central executive member and former acting president of Chhatra League Marufa Akhtar Popi, Zakia Noor Lipi MP, daughter of interim president and one of the four national leaders Syed Nazrul Islam, and Awami League central executive member Gloria Jharna Sarkar MP can be selected for the position of President, according to the party sources.


Apart from them, Apu Ukil, Shirina Nahar Lipi, Kohile Quddus Mukti, Aleya Sarwar Daisy and Afroza Mansoor Lipi are in discussion for the post of president of Jubo Mohila League.


During its founding in 2002, a convening committee of 101 members was formed in Jubo Mohila League. In the first conference of the organisation held in 2004, Najma Akhtar was elected as the president and Apu Ukil as the general secretary.


After 13 years, the second and last conference of Jubo Mohila League was held on March 17, 2017. In the conference, Najma Akter was re-elected as president and Apu Ukil as general secretary.


Source: United News of Bangladesh