Which Frankenstein impeding execution of transport Act? asks Nasim

Awami League presidium member Mohammad Nasim on Wednesday demanded full execution of the Road Transport Act and asked the Home Ministry to implement it thoroughly.

Road accident has emerged as a big problem. We enacted the law and formulated many guidelines. But why aren't these being executed? Which Frankenstein is behind non-execution of the law? Nasim asked in Parliament.

He raised the question joining the general discussion on thanksgiving motion over the President speech in the House.

Why can't we execute such a law? We're sitting in Parliament but [we] see the procession of deaths on roads, Nasim said.

The 'Road Transport Bill-2018' was passed by parliament on September 19, 2018, keeping a provision of maximum five years' jail for any death or serious injuries caused by reckless or negligent driving. It came into effect on November 17 last year.

He said this Parliament will have to consider implementation of the law and the Home Minister should strongly enforce it.

It (execution of the law) is now our demand and the people's demand as well, said Nasim.

Pointing at the low turnout of voters in the recent Dhaka city corporations elections, the senior lawmaker questioned why voters refrained from exercising their franchise.

The government and the party will have to realise the reason why there was a low turnout of voters, said Nasim.

Source: United News of Bangladesh