‘We did well, could’ve been worse’: Witbooi

Swapo chairperson of leaders assigned to the ||Kharas Region, Lucia Witbooi, said even though the party lost four of the seven constituencies in last year’s regional council elections, it did well as the results could have been worse.

Speaking at the party’s executive committee meeting here on Saturday, Witbooi said: “It could have worsened if we did not invest more efforts in our campaign. In the||Kharas Region we have tried our level best, however we need to pull up our socks to ensure we bring back our members. We must win back their confidence and trust in order to improve the results come 2024 elections.”

Witbooi said the infighting within the Swapo Party is what caused the party to lose the region to opposition adding that party members should leave infightings and concentrate on the bigger picture which is the party’s victory.

“Infightings have caused the party to lose the region, we experienced wasting our valuable time, our party’s resources, our energy which we should have redirected and focused on facing the opposition. Why should you de-campaign against the party just because you do not like something within the party, where is your loyalty it should be with the party and not with an individual,” said Witbooi.

The chairperson was quick to say that all hope is not lost and urged the party members to work hard and ensure that all the party structures are functional and working towards the 2024 elections.

“We still have that ability if we so wish and eager to take our party to greater heights by strengthening our unity and focus on the aims and objectives of our party, we are team ‘no surrender’, but it is important to note that even if we have a strong team of assigned leaders, we need the leaders at district and section levels as they are the ones that have the power, they work closely with the voters,” she cited.

Swapo ||Kharas regional coordinator, Matheus Mumbala said those that do not want people to know about the history of Swapo is because they want Swapo to disappear in the near future.

“They do not want to know where we came from because they want us to disappear from the face of Namibia, we need to know where we come from, where we are and where we need to go. There is no one that is forming a political party without wanting to be in power and they can get the power if they start weakening the ruling party so let us wake up and be vigilant and defend our party and our leaders,” said Mumbala.

Source: Namibia Press Agency