Ways of Affiliate Marketing while Staying in Bangladesh

The process of digitization in Bangladesh has made way for countless opportunities. People are not only having better access to information but it has also paved way for remote earning. With some technical skills and marketing knowledge, anyone can become an affiliate marketer online and earn from it. The scope of affiliate marketing is so lucrative that successful marketer often takes it up as their full-time career option. So what are the methods of affiliate marketing while staying in Bangladesh? Let's find out.

Top Affiliate Marketing Programs for Bangladeshi Marketers in 2021

ShareAsale Affiliate Program

ShareAsale affiliates are one of the more well-known e-commerce sites out there. The company has been in operation for over 17 years now and they have always maintained a good reputation. With the diverse marketplace offering, ShareAsale can be the perfect place to start your affiliate marketing career.

The requirements for signing up with the ShareAsale affiliate program are pretty simple. All you need to have is a live well-established website with organic high traffic. A well-optimized website with faster loading speed also gets priority in their selection. Ensure these and you are good to go. The commission rate usually varies from one merchant to another. However, ShareAsale will deduct 20% as the transaction fee from your affiliate earnings. You can get paid via physical cheques which are not very convenient considering you’re staying in Bangladesh. However, you can always opt for digital transactions through direct deposit or Payoneer.

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Solvid Affiliate Program

The company markets its affiliate program as the highest commission provider in affiliate marketing and that is true. You will get a flat 20% commission on any purchase. If it is a renewable service, you stand to earn as long as the customer renews from your link. The flat rate makes it extremely flexible to switch between niches and experiment with the product range.

Getting started with Solvid is also very easy. You simply need to provide some valid documentation to prove the ownership of your site and you are good to go. However, they do not have a digital payment method so you only have Payoneer to work with. Solvid is the perfect choice for you if your website attracts organic traffic from the UK. Overall, this is one of the better-paying affiliate programs that you can access from Bangladesh.

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is probably the largest and easiest affiliate program to get into. The payout isn’t as high as some of the other affiliate programs but the choice of products, as well as customer base, makes up for the low commission rate. You stand to earn a flat 10% from any purchase made through your link. Amazon even has some added benefits. If you navigate to amazon with your link and buys a product that isn’t affiliated with you, you will still earn for directing the traffic.

Signing up as an amazon associate is also very easy. All you have to do is submit documents certifying the ownership of your website. You can expect to get confirmation within 3-4 working days. Unlike other affiliate programs, Amazon doesn’t require you to show organic high traffic to your site. As a result, this can be a perfect starting option for people who have a relatively new website and are looking to get into affiliate marketing.

eBay Partners

Based in San Jose, California, eBay is another well-known e-commerce platform across the globe. In addition to the usual buying and selling option, there is also an auction mechanism where products are sold to the highest bidder.

It is possible to sign up as an eBay partner from Bangladesh. The commission rates aren’t predefined and it varies according to niche and product. Generally, you stand to earn somewhere around 20% to 50% commission.

In addition to that, eBay offers other income opportunities as well. If the winning bidder of any auction comes from your link, eBay will share a profit margin ranging from 20% to 70% with you. If your target audience is mostly from the US, you can consider signing up for eBay as it's much more flexible and lenient compared to other affiliate programs. And as an incentive, for the first three months, you get commissions at a doubled rate.

Shopify Affiliate Program

Shopify is one of the leading eCommerce solutions. The platform is very common and popular with online marketers as well as bloggers. Shopify has a referral program that you can partner up with as a blogger.

Unlike other affiliate programs, Shopify doesn’t require you to document traffic for approval. All you need to submit is the ownership document of your website. The commission rate is pretty good with Shopify and you can earn up to 200% bounty on your first month’s referral. As a blog owner, it becomes easy for you to get started as they run on a similar niche.

And affiliate earnings aside, this is a genuinely good product that you can recommend to people. However, the issue with Shopify is that it is a highly niche-based product. you will not be able to drive considerable traffic since people who don’t have anything to sell online will not be interested in it.

Rakuten Marketing Affiliate

Rakuten is an award-winning e-commerce platform known for prioritizing their customer over anything. The platform has partnered with NBA before which is a testament to their influence and reach on the online market platform.

Just like eBay, the commission rate is not predefined and it varies from product to product. you can expect to earn between 20% to 50% commission depending on the niche of your product. However, there are some drawbacks with Rakuten. Here you have to apply to each marketer individually in the platform rather than get your affiliate certified by Rakuten for all products. This makes your job a bit tricky as you have to specifically research which seller aligns with your website niche and apply accordingly.

Bottom Line

Most of the leading affiliate programs offer partnerships to marketers from Bangladesh. However, that alone is like half the job is done. You still have to market the product from the platform in a lucrative manner to make sure they get directed from your link. With proper niche selection and product presentation, it is possible to become a successful affiliate marketer in a short while.

Source: United News of Bangladesh