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“Want to win SAFF Women’s Championship, want to repay your support”

Here’s what Sanjida Akhter posted


Bangladesh is in the final of SAFF Women’s Championship for the second time. I played in the final for the first time in 2016. We lost against India. We came to the SAFF stage five times – were runner-up once, reached semi-finals three times, and left from group stage once.


Alhamdulillah, we have a great rhythm on the field this time, our opponent in the final is host Nepal. Playing in the final as a host or against the host team is always exciting. This year’s final match is a bit different. After a long time, a new champion country will emerge. So, this time around, the final match is going to exciting for sure.


In 2003, Bangladesh became the best in South Asia with our men’s national football team. We still cherish that story. It is considered to be the brightest part of Bangladesh football’s history. This time, it’s our turn. Every member of our team is focused and geared up.


We want to win it for all those fellow dreamers who are eager to embrace our dream, our aspiration. We want to repay that unflinching support. Even if we don’t raise the trophy on an open-roof champion bus, we want to win for the people who have helped us touch the green grass – ignoring society’s taunts. Our success may help us draw more Sabinas, Krishnas and Marias. I want to make the difficult path of young players’ a little easier.


My house is near the hills. I have seen the indomitable spirit of our brothers and sisters in the hills, the struggles of the poor and hardworking people in Bangladeshi villages – who never give up. In the final, we won’t be on the field as individual footballers, there will be a squad of eleven fighters – many of whom have come this far after losing their father, with the last possession of their mother, selling off sister’s jewelry, many are the only source of income in their families.


We are used to life’s struggles. We will fight till the last minute for the “Best in South Asia” title.  Victory and defeat are in Allah’s hands. But believe us, we will not lack in our efforts, In-Sha-Allah. Please, pray for us.


Source: United News of Bangladesh