Walton brings Arc CPU liquid coolers

Walton Digi-Tech Industries has brought two new CPU liquid coolers.

Modelled as WLC120B and WLC240B, the coolers named Arc have aluminium radiators with multiple fans.

Customers can buy the products for Tk5,850 and Tk8,550 respectively.

“Commonly used air coolers cannot provide perfect cooling for PCs. So, Walton has released the liquid coolers considering the needs of customers. These accessories will ensure the best performance of desktop computers,” said Touhidur Rahman Rad, chief business officer of Walton Computer Products.

“The liquid cooling system is used as a radiator for the processor. This system absorbs heat from the processor and cools down the processor, making the computer more efficient. Walton liquid coolers are specially designed to ensure the best performance with digital lighting series radiator and cooling fans,” he added.

Source: United News of Bangladesh