Voting for innovative poster design begins

Voting programme started for several innovative posters selected from a poster design competition participated by Bangladeshi and Chinese professional designers.


The voting for the latest collection of works from ‘Poster Design Competition’ began on July 2, according to the Chinese Embassy in Dhaka.


Anyone can see the posters and vote for the best one by following the link


Online voters will need to register through a personal email address as prompted for voting. Each email ID address can vote for one to ten works per day.


Anyone can also click the online video to watch the China-Bangladesh Anti-epidemic story and related documentaries.


The final ranking will be selected based on the total number of votes after a month.


The top five (ten in total) in the professional and amateur groups will receive the Internet Popularity Award.


The organiser specially set up the ‘Lucky Voting Award’ and the ‘Voting King Award’.


The ‘Lucky Voting Award’ will be randomly generated from the voters each day and they will receive a gift.


Meanwhile, the ‘Voting King Award’ will be generated from the one who has accumulated the most votes in a month and receive exquisite gift.


Source: United News of Bangladesh