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Vitamin A plus campaign from Oct 4

The nationwide Vitamin A plus campaign will commence from October 4 and continue until October 17.


Children between the age of six and 59 months will be fed vitamin A plus capsules, according to a handout from the Institute of Public Health and Nutrition on Wednesday.


Children aged between six to 12 months will be given blue capsules while those aged from one to five years will be fed red capsules.


Workers involved in the campaign will be given surgical masks and will follow all hygiene rules to stay safe from coronavirus.


Besides, health workers and volunteers will be under regular Covid-19 screening, the Institute of Public Health and Nutrition said.


According to the usual EPI (Expanded Programme on Immunisation) schedule, EPI activities are conducted in eight sub-blocks of each ward on two days of six working days of the week.


Vitamin A capsules will be given to children in the remaining four days without interrupting two days immunisation programme, the handout said.


Source: United News of Bangladesh