Virtual debate to address language & society in Bangladesh

Commemorating the legacy of the 1952 Language Movement and the glorious sacrifices of the language martyrs, an online platform is organising a virtual debate on February 11 to discuss language and its correlation with the society and culture in Bangladesh.

The virtual event, titled ‘The issue of identity crisis for the Bengali people is not true’, is being organised by Art To Heart, an online platform working to establish human rights and ensuring the practice of dignity in the society.

The online event will be joined by Arafat Mohammad Noman, Assistant Commissioner and PS to Divisional Commissioner of Dhaka, Kizzy Tahnin, writer and development practitioner, Munirul Islam, co-founder of Click Health Services, Abdullah Sheru from NGO Save the Children and Rabita Rahman, a lecturer at Jagannath University’s Institute of Modern Language.

This online session will be moderated by Rajeeb Hasan Chowdhury, a renowned branding and communication expert.

Masud Parvez Ove, the event host, told UNB, “For us, February is a glorious month. Thanks to the 1952 Language Movement, we earned our right to speak our mother tongue. However, there is a room for discussion on whether the passion of us, the Bengali people, towards our beloved language has been modified or shifted, and has there been a possible identity crisis formed — and our resourceful, esteemed panellists will participate in the debate and discussion to address these issues.”