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Vaccinated or not? Mozammel alleges hanky-panky by anti-liberation forces

Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque has alleged that the anti-liberation forces have edited a video of him receiving vaccine as a part of their propaganda to embarrass the government.

He also added that legal steps would be taken against those who are creating and circulating such videos.

The minister’s statement comes after a video went viral where the sequence of events shows the minister did not actually receive his Covid-19 vaccine shot, but rather just sat for a photo session.

The minister defended himself by saying that as many journalists did not get the chance to capture him getting vaccinated, he agreed to pose for the camera to keep their requests after being vaccinated – effectively conceding the contents of the viral video were not fake or edited. Just the circumstances under which the video was shot were presented differently to reality.

The statement said AKM Mozammel Haque received his first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine on February 17.

Source: United News of Bangladesh