Used Laptop, PC Buyer Guide: What to look for before buying


When you need a computer, you should always get a new laptop or Desktop PC. However, there may be occasions in which this is not possible, and you will have to settle with a previously owned item. Unfortunately, purchasing a used computer is never a simple process. Ultimately, you must ensure that you are not being defrauded by an unscrupulous merchant. There are a number of factors to consider before purchasing a used laptop or Desktop PC. Thus, you may confirm that you are receiving the device you paid for.

Risks in Buying a Secondhand Laptop

To play high-end games or do professional 3D drafting, a second hand PC may not be your best option. Graphics processors continue to advance more rapidly than other computer components, and the upcoming release of new game consoles in the autumn will result in greater system requirements for PC games. However, a second hand laptop may still be suitable for picture and video editing since these applications do not need as much graphics capability.

A secondhand laptop often does not include top-tier customer service or warranty coverage, such as that provided by an AppleCare Protection Plan or an extended manufacturer warranty. There are second hand PCs available with one or two years remaining on their original warranties, and these warranties often transfer to new owners without issue. However, it is more typical to discover 30- or 90-day limited warranties that protect you if the computer is defective upon delivery but not much more.

Things to Check while buying a used laptop or computer

Secure Yourself

Laptops vary widely in price, but it’s safe to assume that they are not inexpensive pieces of technology. When making a purchase for a substantial amount of money, you want to know that you have some kind of protection.

In this regard, large sites like eBay and Amazon are often safe bets. The protection provisions of eBay tend to favour the buyer, so if the laptop is in worse condition than you anticipated (or does not function), the seller must accept a return at their cost.

When purchasing a laptop from a website like Craigslist or Gumtree, the easiest method to protect yourself is to organise a pick up and examine the laptop personally. If you are really unable to do so, you should attempt to pay using PayPal, which provides comparable buyer protections to eBay.

Signs of Damage

When purchasing a vehicle or a computer, it is prudent to inspect both the inside and outside. The state of the computer is an indicator of whether or not it is a good purchase. PCs include fragile electrical components. You should not purchase an item that has been through difficult circumstances. You should be on the lookout for dents and deep scrapes as indicators of neglect.

Additionally, you should look out for water damage. A discoloured casing or rust indicates that it may have been soaked or dipped in liquid. Physical damage is not always a red sign, particularly if the equipment has been properly fixed, but it provides you negotiating room.

Check the Accessories

When purchasing a desktop computer, is a monitor included? Is the display still operating normally? Does it create the correct colour still? Be sure to inspect all of the peripherals that came with your purchase so that you do not have to deal with damaged components or pay additional money to repair them.

You may also want to check that they are clear of dirt and dust. This is particularly true with keyboards, which tend to collect and retain dust, grime, hair, and other debris beneath the keys. After all, you wouldn’t want to touch another person’s accumulated filth.

Hard Drive

Everyone must verify hard drives, contrary to what most sellers or salespeople would state or show you. Frequently, 300, 550, and even 750 GB may be heard. You may verify it using cmd or PC properties.

System Type

On all laptops, either 65 Bits or 32 Bits of software platforms are installed. This information is provided because it may impact the installation of other applications. Typically, it is not possible to install 32 bits software on 62 bits. You may examine it using cmd commands or the PC’s properties.

Webcam and Speakers

Most cameras on laptops are subpar. Nonetheless, it is preferable to have a subpar camera than none at all. Not many people use their laptop speakers often, but it’s still a good idea to determine the maximum volume and whether or not sounds are readily muffled or distorted.

Processor Specifications & Performance

The procedure reveals the laptop’s speed and its ability to execute tasks. A processor with a superior combination of speed and functionality accomplishes numerous tasks simultaneously and at a high rate. Speeds between 3 and 4 GHz are considered optimal for gaming. You may examine it using cmd commands or the PC’s properties.

RAM Capacity

You may often hear about 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB RAM. This can impact not only the speed of your laptop but it can also restrict or enable many functions, and many apps and software cannot work on 2GB and 4GB, especially for gaming. You may examine it using cmd commands or the PC’s properties.

Manufacturing Brand or Company

Except for Dell and HP, replacement parts for most laptop manufacturers are difficult to get on the market. This might have an impact on the value of a used laptop. You may examine it using cmd commands or the PC’s properties.

Software Checks

There are a number of software tests that should be performed. First, verify the authenticity of the preinstalled operating system. Check the software licences provided with the laptop and ensure you have access to any product keys. Request the laptop’s original software CDs, recovery CDs, drivers, and backup media.


With the growing cost of almost everything, people are searching for innovative ways to economise. For this reason, many students and young professionals buy second Hand or used laptops and PCs. Used laptops can not only save money but also provide access to a multitude of advantages. However, you should be careful before buying such devices. So far, we have discussed some of the most essential things to check while buying a used laptop or PC. Hope it helps!

Source: United News of Bangladesh