US Embassy invites application for CSP 2021-22

The US Embassy in Dhaka has invited applications for the 2021-2022 Community Solutions Program (CSP).


The CSP is a year-long professional development programme for community leaders working on complex economic, environmental, political, and social challenges in their communities, said the embassy on Thursday.


The programme includes a four-month fellowship in the United States with a US community-based organisation, government office, or legislative body, and customised in-person and online learning and coaching for each CSP fellow before, during, and after the US experience from the Community Leadership Institute.


The deadline for submissions is on Oct 28, 2020.


Through training provided by the Community Leadership Institute, tailored, hands-on learning experiences, and the customised US-based fellowship, CSP fellows gain valuable experience in US-based community work, increase skills and knowledge, strengthen their capacity for leadership and development in their home countries.


They also serve as ambassadors for mutual understanding, bringing years of experience to community development in the United States while creating action plans for community-based initiatives in Bangladesh.


Source: United News of Bangladesh