Update on Annihilation: First Ever Bangladeshi Competitive Multiplayer Game

Annihilation is the first-ever competitive multiplayer FPS game in Bangladesh. It is developed by a team of Bangladeshi developers named Crisis Entertainment Ltd. Annihilation will be their first game that is based in Bangladesh. The gaming industry in Bangladesh is yet to see any significant acceleration. In other words, the Bangladeshi gaming industry is yet to see any hope. Annihilation can make a revolution. However, the game is not released yet, so making any kind of prediction on that will be critical. Therefore, we will have to wait until the game gets released. Here we will discuss the latest updates on the game and its details.

Update on Annihilation

Bangladeshi Gamers have been waiting for this game for a long time. However, Crisis Entertainment appears to be done with the development as they have announced the release date. Annihilation will finally release on April 30, 2021. Previously the company has released the trailer along with gameplay and characters. Fans are tired of waiting for the games. Changing the release rate over and over has dimed the hype about the game. But true gamers are always looking forward to it, which is visible on Annihilation’s official Facebook group. More than 39 thousand.

Plot Setting

The game is based on a very interesting story. The story renders the real Bangladesh in a science fiction plot. As per the story, an alien ship arrived in the march. The ship looks like the alien ship used in the Superman movie. After that, you will get to see Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka, where the aliens landed and started spreading panic everywhere in the world. That’s how the game will start and progress through different missions.


Annihilation contains eight different characters in the game. You can choose any character you want and start your playing. However, some may find this looks like Apex Legend Game. However, Annihilation’s characters are different from the Apex Legend. All eight characters will be played to save the world from aliens. Among the eight characters, the company has included a special character, which is Salman Shah. We will discuss this character later.

According to different sources, the game’s story will also be shared with other games. This game will be part of the shared universe. Hence more parts will be released later on later.

Salman Shah Anihilation Game

Legendary actor Salman Shah in Anihilation Game

Salman Shan on Annihilation

The game has added the legendary actor Salman Shah. In their latest trailer, it showed a character that exactly looks like the actor. However, the official comment on that is yet to be announced. But the fans have already identified the similarities. The face, eyes, hairstyle everything looks identical to Salman Shah. It is assumed that Salman Shan will be the main character of the game who will have all the power to destroy the enemies. However, all of these are fan predictions. Since the official announcement is yet to release, we cannot say anything firm about this particular character.

Game Play

As per the developer, Annihilation will be a competitive 5v5 FPS game. And the primary location will be Dhaka city alongside some fictional villages and underground. The plot of this game is based on SiFi-post-apocalyptic.

The game will not consist of any single-player option. Hence players will have to play multiple modes. But the game will show the deep back story, which will encourage you to play the game. However, there are more shooting games available in the market which are more or less similar. To compete with other established games, Annihilation may face some challenges.

The game mainly shows the life after the COVID-19 lock that took place in Bangladesh in2020 in Bangladesh. They have tried to show everything is everything as real as possible. However, we will get to know this after April 30.

Other details

According to the Game’s calendar, the first look of the game was released on March 23 this year. Later in June 2020, Crisis Entertainment released the gameplay trailer1, cinematic trailer, and gameplay trailer. However, the company has already started pre-order of the.

However, according to some fans, the presentation of the gameplay was poor, and fans are getting a hard time understanding the games. The trailer is showing a glimpse of the gameplay, which looked negligible. The trailer contains some cut scenes, which only defined the environment of the game.


The developers find the inspiration for the game from popular comic books like Brainiac, Darkseid, etc. Since these books are series, it is clear that the game will develop more in the future. However, it may depend on the response from the gamers.


The game will be available on steam, mobile devices, PlayStation consoles, and Xbox. But the release on PS and Xbox depends on the demand. If the developer finds any reasonable number of players interested in playing in PlayStation and Xbox, Crisis Entertainment will release the game on both PS and Xbox.

Source: United News of Bangladesh