Union Parishad member beats old man for demanding relief

A 65-year-old man was beaten up by a Union Parishad member for demanding relief in Thakurgaon.

The incident took place at 20 Ruhia West Union on Wednesday night.

Islam Uddin, the victim, said he was assaulted by UP member Bishwanath. Locals said that Islam went in front of the UP building and said he never received any support from the government despite being poor and old.

He said the government is providing assistance but whenever he asked for relief, the UP member denied receiving any.

Hearing this, local village police guard Bolai Chandra informed the matter to UP member Bishwanath.

Bishwanath came to the spot and beat Islam and his son mercilessly.

Victim Islam said the assault was unprovoked. “UP member Bishwanath beat my son too as he came to save me,” said Islam.

When asked, UP Member Bishwanath said the village police told him over the phone that Islam was badmouthing him and the chairman.

“When I informed the chairman, he told me to slap Islam,” he said.

UP Chairman Anil Kumar Sen said he was unaware of the incident.

Ruhia Police Station’s Officer-in-Charge Chitta Ranjan Ray said, “We've been informed about the UP member beating an old man. The matter will be resolved locally.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh