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Turkish series ‘Sohosro Ek Rojoni’ to be released on Bongo and Nagorik TV

Fan-favourite Turkish drama series 'Sultan Suleiman' famed noted Turkish actor 'Halit Ergenç’ who won the hearts of the Bangladeshi audience by playing the title character of the longest-reigning Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, has also played a central role in the soon-to-be-released drama series 'Sohosro Ek Rojoni' on Bongo.

Based on the modern version of the ancient collection of Middle Eastern folk tales 'Arabian Nights', 'Sohosro Ek Rojoni' is the story of a widow named 'Sehrazat' and her struggle of life with her only sick child. The characters in this Turkish drama series gained popularities in some Latin American countries that many have named their children Sehrazat and Nur, according to Bongo.

Mushfiqur Rahman, Chief Content Officer of Bongo, said, "Although it is a Turkish drama series, we hope it will win the hearts of Bangladeshi viewers because of the consistency of the story and the fact that we broadcast it in Bangla."

"We are optimistic about 'Sohosro Ek Rojoni' series," said Kamruzzaman Babu, Head of Entertainment Program & Events at Nagorik TV.

“Sohosro Ek Rojoni”, there is a kind of fascination in the name itself. We have already seen many foreign serials on different TV channels in our country, where “Sohosro Ek Rojoni” is a serial in a very different context. Here it reflects how the lower circles see the real life of the upper circles in their lives, how the people of the lower circles surrender to the upper circles in the throes of life," he added.

"We are displaying it with the permission of the government. Thanks to the Bongo authorities, they have brought the series for us. Hopefully, in the future, they will come up with more series for us,” Babu said on the broadcasting partnership.

Source: United News of Bangladesh