Transcom Digital Home Appliance Electronics: One Stop Shop of Versatile Products

During the ongoing pandemic situation, it is not safe to visit shopping centers physically. If you are looking for a one-stop collection to find most of the essential products for your home or office, visit Transcom Digital. It is a subsidiary company of a local business conglomerate titled Transcom Group Limited. Transcom is a trusted Bangladeshi comprador of diverse prominent international brands. Read this article, to know about multifarious products, such as television, refrigerator, air conditioner, kitchen products, personal care products, mobile phones, home appliances, and electronics in Transcom Digital.


Transcom Digital Home Appliance Electronics Products


Television and Soundbar


Television is no more luxury. Rather it has become a part and parcel of our life due to multifarious benefits like entertainment, medium for collecting information, education, etc. Transcom Digital comes with a wide collection of advanced televisions such as QLED TV, Smart TV, UHD TV, Smart TV, Curved TV, HD TV, and Full HD TV. The price of televisions ranges from BDT10,700 to 409000. Furthermore, you can also buy Samsung Soundbar products from this platform under the price range BDT 19,900 to 58,900.




Food preservation is one of the prime concerns in urban life, as we can hardly manage time for visiting grocery or cooking every day. Transcom Digital presents a versatile collection of refrigerators with diverse capacities ranging from 150 to 550 liter. Here you can choose a refrigerator from the top-notch electronics brands including Samsung, Hitachi, Transtec, Whirlpool, etc.


If you are looking for a suitable refrigerator for home, office, or other entities, Transcom Digital provides multiple options, such as frost (top mount and bottom mount), no frost (side-by-side), multi-door, top mount), and freezer (chest freezer and upright freezer). The refrigerators are available in a variety of colors and design options. Depending on features, capacity, and brand, the price of different refrigerators ranges from BDT25000 to 500000.


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Air Conditioner with Exchange Offer


The global climate change issue has also impacted the local weather of Bangladesh significantly. For a comfortable urban lifestyle, Air conditioner has become a necessity. Responding to this demand, Transcom Digital has brought a rich collection of Air Conditioners built by reputed international brands, including Samsung, Hitachi, Panasonic, Transtec, Whirlpool, etc. The capacity of air Conditioners ranges from one to three tons. For home use, Transcom Digital offers Residential ACs (inverter and non-inverter). You can also choose an Air Purifier for other entities like restaurants, offices or industry.


In Transcom Digital, the price range of Air Conditioners ranges from BDT 25000 to 105000. However, you can save money by accepting the lucrative exchange offer! This offer gives you the opportunity to exchange your used old Air Conditioner with a brand new functional AC. Visit Transcom Digital’s official website or physical outlets to grab this offer!


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Home and Kitchen Appliance


Transcom Digital is enriched with a versatile collection of home appliance products including washing machine, water purifier, irons, vacuum cleaner, floor cleaner, torch, camping light, etc. In this platform, you would also get diverse kitchen appliances including, microwave ovens, blenders, juicers, coffee makers, toasters, sandwich makers, mixers, grinders, cookers, fryer, food processors, dishwashers, kitchen hoods, etc. From Transcom Digital you can select your desired products built by diverse brands, such as Samsung, Hitachi, Transtec, Philips, Whirlpool, Panasonic, Sanford, Bosch, Pureit, Kent, Black & Decker, etc.


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Personal Care


Self-care is essential for maintaining sound health, productivity, emotional wellbeing, and personal style. Thanks to Transcom Digital for offering a range of personal care products, such as hair styler, hairdryer, shaver, trimmer, etc. On average, the price range of personal care products varies from BDT1600 to 5500.


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Mobile and TABs


Besides the home appliance and electronics products, Transcom Digital sells mobiles, smartphones, and Tabs. From this platform, you get a huge collection of phones built by Samsung and other brands. The price range of mobiles and TABs, ranges between BDT2100 to 20000.


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So far, we have highlighted the uniform platform ‘Transcom Digital’ that offers a bunch of lifestyles, home appliance, and electronic products built by various well-known international brands. The availability of different products and associated ‘Exchange Offers’ may vary depending upon suppliers as well as company policy. Before buying any product do not forget to checkout necessary issues, like product warranty, brand value, features, specs, etc. Happy Shopping!


Source: United News of Bangladesh