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Tourists throng Sajek Valley: A night under the open sky?

The weekend melding with Christmas falling on Sunday this year, translating to a ‘long weekend’, has brought life to the country’s tourism sectors including Sajek Valley.


At the same time, it has also brought suffering to the tourists who have gone to enjoy the scenic beauty of Sajek valley.


Thousands of holidaymakers of all ages have thronged to the hill district to enjoy the beauty of Sajek at Bagaichhori in Rangamati.


Resorts are experiencing a room crunch as more tourists enter Sajek – already almost double its capacity!


As a result, many tourists are forced to spend the night in cars or in mosques and local clubs.


Sultan Mia, 28, who came with his family from Mymensingh and Ashraf Ali, a tourist from Netrakona, said that they had come because of their children’s holidays. But there is no room vacant in any hotel due to the overflow of tourists, leaving them in great trouble.


Alfred Lusai, the owner of two Sajek resorts (Neel Pahari and Morning Star), said that rooms were booked almost a month before Christmas. Today, many tourists can’t get even a single room which is really sad, he added.


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According to Sajek Resort Owners Association, almost 7,000 tourists entered Sajek on Saturday. The valley’s 112 cottages can accommodate only 4,000. Many of the tourists who came here did not have advance bookings.


As a result, many tourists returned in the afternoon due to lack of rooms for overnight stay, sources added.


Those who stayed are passing the night by renting rooms on the verandas of various cottages and in the homes of local residents.


Subrata Chakma, manager of Khasrang Hill Resort, said that the inflow of tourists started on Wednesday. No rooms are available at any resort currently, he added.


Source: United News of Bangladesh