Top Bangladeshi Milk and Dairy Companies, Brands

The country's milk demand has increased over the last decade, and currently, the total demand for milk is around 152.02 lakh tons annually. The good thing is that the country's milk production has also been increased by three times over the past decade and now has the capacity to fulfill two-thirds of the total demand. However, 10% of the total production goes to local milk brands, and the rest of the 90% has to be sold immediately. Right now, 14 registered companies produce and supply dairy, milk, and pasteurized products to the market. Among them, Milk Vita, Aarong, and Pran have been holding 80% of the market share. Besides, there are few other companies who are trying to become the market leader. In this context, let's discuss the best Bangladeshi Milk and Dairy Companies, Brands.

Top Milk and Dairy Companies, Brands in Bangladesh

Milk Vita

Bangladesh Milk Producers' Cooperative Limited owns Milk Vita, which is a cooperative society run by the government of Bangladesh. The company's main goal is to improve the socio-economic condition of small, marginal, and landless dairy farmers in Bangladesh through the production, processing, and marketing of dairy and dairy products. Established in 1973, it is currently holding 70% of the market share. Its main product is liquid milk, which is sold under the name "Milk Vita". In addition to liquid milk, the company also sells ghee, butter, ice cream, sweet yogurt, sour yogurt, cream, chocolate, and cloves.

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Aarong Dairy

Aarong dairy products are sold under the BRAC Dairy, which started their operation in 1998. The aim of the company was to start an income generation sector for rural dairy farmers. Usually, the demand for milk in the villages was low, and farmers did not have any means to preserve the milk for a long time. As a result, they had to dump the extra milk or had to sell it at a lower price. BRAC Dairy came forward to resolve this and provide a fair price to the dairy farmers and meet the demand in the urban areas. Besides liquid milk, Aarong Dairy also sells powder milk, flavored drinks, yogurt, yogurt drink, butter, ghee, cheese, and sweets.

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PRAN Dairy Ltd

PRAN Dairy is a sister concern of PRAN Group, which is claimed to be the second-largest dairy products processor in Bangladesh. They have several states of the art UHT, pasteurized yogurt, and powder processing plant. PRAN has seven different product lines under their dairy products including, butter, cheese, milk, ghee, powder milk, value-added milk, and yogurt. Although, there have been controversies about the quality of PRAN Dairy products. But it seems they have overcome all the drawbacks as they are exporting their goods to several countries.

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Farm Fresh Milk

Farm Fresh Milk is the dairy products wing of Akij Food and Beverage Limited. They usually collect the milk from rural farms and sell it to the market after processing through several steps. Farm Fresh ensures quality through the required microbiological and adulteration tests in its own laboratory when collecting milk directly from farmers. Furthermore, after cooling the milk in a state-of-the-art manner at its own chilling center, the farm transports it to its own tanker at a controlled temperature and brings it to the Fresh Fresh factory. Besides milk, Farm Fresh also sells yogurt, butter, ghee, chocolate milk, and other dairy related products.

Aftab Milk

Aftab Milk and Milk Products Limited offer pasteurized milk through its modern Danish automatic milk pasteurization plant. The plant can process and pack 1,500ltr/hr. Besides, the company also provides technical expertise and support to the farmers to bring out quality products and improve milk production. However, Aftab Milk is relatively new in the industry, and they have a long way to go. Aftab Milk only offers pasteurized milk, ghee, and yogurt in their product line.

Danish Dairy Farm Ltd (Ayran)

Danish from Partex Group is widely popular for its condensed milk, which is one of the top brands in Bangladesh. However, recently, they launched a new brand named Ayran to offer more dairy goods to the local market. They used to sell full cream milk powder and condensed milk under Danish. But with the newly added brand Ayran, Danish Dairy Farm Ltd will sell pasteurized milk and yogurt. Apparently, other products will be introduced soon as the demand for dairy goods has been increasing.

Igloo Dairy Limited

Igloo started its operation in the dairy industry on August 31, 2004, with the aim to offer pasteurized milk to the local market and increase their ice-cream production capacity. Igloo has found that the per capita milk consumption has been increased in Bangladesh. In this context, Igloo Dairy set up a plant to produce 14,000 liters per day from the initial 5,000 liters. They envisioned producing cheese, skimmed milk powder, UHT, FCMP, functional milk, and butter in international standards. Currently, Igloo Dairy offers pasteurized milk, mango milk, chocolate milk, sweet curd, sour curd, ghee, and a dairy chocolate bar.

American Dairy Limited (MOO)

American Dairy Limited started its operation in 2010 with a limited number of cattle. Over the past ten years, they have improved their farm's production and launched pasteurized milk, yogurt, sweet yogurt, sour yogurt, ghee, and full cream milk powder. Although the MOO products are not widely used, they are growing as a company. Besides the dairy products, they have other cattle farm-related products.

Apart from these top milk and dairy companies in Bangladesh, there are nine companies that supply milk power to the markets. The nine companies are New Zealand Dairy (Diploma), Meghna Group (Fresh), Arla Food (Dano), Partex Group (Danish), Nestle Bangladesh (Nido), Pran Dairy Brac Dairy (Aarong), Abul Khair Group (Marks), and Milk Vita.

Source: United News of Bangladesh