Top 7 Biking, Cycling Games on Android/IOS

There are sports games that put an emphasis on racing such as motocross and Nascar, while others present terrain challenges like skating and snowboarding games - cycling is an interesting sport that surprisingly translates well when transitioning into the gaming industry. From off-road plays with tons of obstacles to classic racing-style objectives - cycling is a simple but effective way to introduce many genres, and here are the top 10 best cycling games on IOS and Android.

Top Bike Riding Games for Android and iOS Downloads

Bike Mayhem

Starting with a side profile game that functions like a pseudo-platformer like the Super Mario Series, Bike Mayhem embodies the essence of BMX riding pretty well, using slopes and ramps to give the players a good amount of hangtime to perform tricks for points.

The controls are extremely simple to get the hang of but do require the player to get creative in order to perform impressive leaps, good tricks, and a proper landing. Landings that end in a crash will result in the player having to restart which does incentivise tons of practice. At the end of each round, players will be rewarded with stars, with one being the lowest and three being the highest. The game is available for $0.99.

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Bike Unchained 2

The Bike Unchained series takes off-road to the maximum and offers players a stunning array of locations to perform tricks in a third-person view. The game does a great job of easing new players into the game with different progression stages that acquaint beginners with the different types of tricks and how they are performed.

The game is based on real bikers who do the sport professionally, which means player customisation may be slightly simpler than other titles, but bikes can also be modified. The graphics are some of the best in the business and have a proper competitive metric once you become good enough to face off other players in the world. The game was created by Red Bull and is free.

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King Of Dirt: BMX

Moving onto the streets, King Of Dirt uses the urban landscape as your playground as you play to do advanced tricks at actual BMX/skate parks in different environments. The game allows you to switch between first-person and third person, giving you the freedom of choice when deciding how you want to enjoy your biking experience.

Ramps are in abundance and other obstacles like boxes and vehicles will show up to make things more interesting. Customisation options for your character and bike are impressive and the game offers both online and offline features. This title is free.

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Mad Skills BMX 2

Mad Skills BMX 2 takes the side profile of Bike Mayhem and adds in a racing component that ups the stakes of each game. The slopes and terrains are not as steep and crash landing will not force you to restart the round.

As a BMX racing game, The camera will show two players next to each other from a wide camera shot and emphasises clever jumps and moderating your speed after landing, rather than using the hang time in the air to perform tricks. Despite having to compete with another racer, the game isn’t fast-paced and manages to find the perfect balance between casual and competitive while still being a decent game to unwind after a long day. The game is free to play.

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Xcite Mountain Bike

Possibly one of the most fun cycling games for single players, this title emulates the playstyle of the classic mobile game, Temple Run, but adds in a bike element into it - producing a hybrid that caters to both casual and competitive audiences. Like Temple Run, players will ride on a set route that will have a seemingly endless row of coins (or screws) to collect, while having to maneuver around obstacles and popping off the occasional ramp.

When riding off said ramp, players will have a window where they will need to input an instructed set of controls in order to successfully execute the trick. If done, the rider will be awarded with more points. Xcite Mountain Bike is not meant to be taken as a hyper-realistic rendition to biking - the characters include cartoonish animals too! The game is free to play.

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Touch Grid BMX 2

Touch grid BMX 2 is an odd take on cycling games as the series does not include an actual rider. It is an empty bike that the players control in both rural and urban environments. Like other titles, securing huge hang time and performing high level tricks are the aim of the game, but is possibly one of the most technical games on the market and deceptively detailed.

Different parts of your bicycle can be customised to your liking and the challenges are not to be scoffed at. Trick combinations play an important role, which requires players to understand the mechanics and know-how to transition between them within every bound. It is definitely catered towards more passionate BMX fans, but it is free to play, so give it a shot!

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Peddle Up

This is a much slower, and arguably more technical take on traditional cycling games. Peddle Up may introduce platforms and obstacles, but it isn’t really about speed in this game. Requiring a tremendous amount of balance (and doing wheelies for the majority), players will have to have impeccable timing as they parkour from one platform to another while doing tricks at the same time.

The trial system is to ensure that your front wheel never touches the ground and does require a bit of practice to get down before moving on to the more advanced options in the game. It takes a unique spin on cycling games and truly embodies the type of training BMX riders go through daily. The game is free to play.

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