Top 7 Best Smartwatches to Buy in 2021

The smartwatch has been making waves in the watch industry ever since its debut in the 2010s. As the market enters a new decade, smartwatches have found enough security to be a legitimate option for consumers, rather than a gimmicky add-on to mobile devices. Due to the epidemic slowing things down, new models haven’t been churned out as much as they would have done prior to the global situation, but there are still viable choices that marry cutting-edge technology with intuitive designs. Here are the best smartwatches available in 2021.

Review of Top 7 Best Smartwatches in 2021

The Apple Watch

At this point, it seems that the Apple Watch has dominated the smartwatch industry due to the iPhone’s immense popularity. For the sake of convenience and aesthetics, it isn’t hard to see why many would find it logical to grab one of these watches. The straps are heavily customizable. Its functions are simple to follow and the connectivity between watch and phone is seamless. A user-friendly interface makes all the difference and the Apple Watch has improved on this with each iteration.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

Much like the Apple Watch, the Samsung Galaxy watch corners itself into the linear crowd of exclusive Samsung users. While facing stiff competition amongst other phone-compatible models, this device does a great job to preserve the “watch” element while also ensuring that its technology is up to date and presentable. This watch actually does its best to emulate the make of traditional watches by including lugs, bezels, and classic straps. If you’re looking for a piece that best emulates the aesthetics of a classic timepiece, this is one of the best options around at the moment.

Fitbit Versa

Despite having a similar aesthetic to the Apple Watch, the Fitbit Versa has been a serious contender in the market for many years for its emphasis on health and exercise. Designed for physical activities, Fitbits have been experts in blending lightweight and durability to create a wrist piece that can take a lot of hurts - even before the smartwatch model stabilized in the market.

The drawback to Fitbit’s niche is that it is difficult to appreciate its utility if wearers are not the sort to exercise. Additionally, the software doesn't quite have the backing of tech giants the way Apple and Samsung do, so gadget fans may want to look elsewhere, while fitness buffs would be perfectly satisfied with this piece.

Fossil Sport

Fossil, an existing watch brand has entered into the world of tech and their gadget does not disappoint. Its lightweight design and quad-core predecessors make this one of the most powerful digital

timepieces out there. The brand has always displayed visually stunning pieces for an affordable price and this smartwatch is no exception. As its namesake suggests, this watch is designed to have the durability to hold its own during sports activities and is best suited for fitness enthusiasts who are also keen to maintain their sense of fashion. Like Fitbit watches, the Fossil Sport is a good start by the watch company, but being new in tech means that users won’t have as many applications and tools at their disposal.

Honor Magic Watch

This watch truly is magic with how many boxes it ticks for what consumers might want in a smartwatch.

Despite being modeled for sports, Honor Magic makes its first impression by presenting a traditional watch look with a pilot-watch-like bezel design, along with a sleek black coat that lets it work with almost any casual attire. Most smartwatches last between two to four days in terms of battery life, but Honor Magic lasts for a full week which is a pretty big deal. Additionally, the watch has an impressive array of music features and is compatible with both Android and IOS.

TicWatch Pro 3

If the tech aspect of a smartwatch appeals to you more than its adaptability to your hobbies, the

TicWatch Pro series is one of the best choices. With a Snapdragon Wear 4100 processor and whopping onboard storage of 8GB (double of the average storage). With some of the best hardware around, quality over quantity is where this watch shines. Its features aren’t close to the choices consumers would get with Android or IOS, but it is the ideal option for gadget lovers who want fast load times, intuitive interfaces, and strong battery life.

Xiaomi Mi Watch / Watch Lite

China’s Xiaomi is a few years behind when rolling out its smartwatches to the public, but offers two

options off the bat. The Mi Watch and Mi Watch Lite should give a little indication of the difference in place between the two models. The standard Mi Watch sizes up at 45mm, at 11.8mm of thickness. This is a large piece of technology to slap on the wrist, but its light counterpart measures 41mm and falls in line with the appearance of other smartwatch models. Its interface is vibrant and easy to manage - offering utilities for fitness, sleep tracking, stress tracking, GPS, and much more. It is an all-rounded gadget that does well in giving wearers a multifaceted experience.

Source: United News of Bangladesh