Top 4 PUBG Alternative Multiplayer Games

Battle royales exploded into the gaming scene when the likes of Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) and Fortnite started getting traction around 2017. The genre is relatively new and companies have either made massive successes out of it or have crumbled horribly. It is a genre that was arguably pioneered by PUBG, but if you’re seeking a little more out of the straightforward themes that PUBG introduced, here are the top alternative battle royale games.

What Is a Battle Royale?

Before diving into the list, it’s important to know how battle royales has set itself apart from first-person and third-person shooters. At its very core, players are dropped onto a large location (island, cityscape, etc) and are forced to gather weapons and resources upon landing. When the looting phase is over and the player is well stocked, he or she will begin roaming around the map in search of other players to eliminate. In the end, the last one standing wins - quite simple.

The catch is that different games have different takes on weapon styles, items, player numbers per game and so much more. The variables are plentiful and make for a relatively competitive market that spoils players for choices. Many of the most popular Battle Royale games offer two to four men teams so that friends can link up and survive the entire game together.

To speed things up, the map shrinks every “turn” which means encountering enemies will be inevitable. Even though the mechanics are vastly between the different titles, the genre is extremely satisfying when players beat the odds and conquer their entire lobby - certainly no easy feat.

Best PUBG Alternative Multiplayer Games in 2021


It’s impossible to talk about battle royale titles without uttering Fortnite. This title broke through the gaming community and attained pop-culture relevance for a good number of years, especially in 2018. Goofy dance emotes from all over the internet, crossover events with Marvel, Marshmello, and many more were recipes that brought in more mainstream audiences.

Even when looking away from the commercial marketing front, the game boasts an in-game “building” mechanic that has players harvest resources in the game during the looting phase in order to build structures to fortify themselves as the game progresses.

With all of this combined, it sets a very bright, PG tone that has an impressive amount of flexibility that makes it possibly one of the most palatable battle royale games out there. Much like PUBG, both games have a third-person mode that allows you to see the majority of your avatar’s model as you traverse around the map. But if you are a newer PUBG player and prefer the FPS element of the game, you will be out of luck in Fortnite.

Fortunately, transitioning between the two modes can be an enjoyable experience, and Epic Games’ regular updates to maps and weapons make this ever-evolving game a possible long-term alternative that could satisfy your needs the way PUBG can. Fortnite is available on PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

Apex Legends

The Titanfall series by Respawn had a healthy fanbase and was praised within the community for its intuitive gunplay and breathtaking graphics. The game company took the elements that made their previous projects great and created Apex Legends.

This first-person battle royale takes a page from the Hero Shooter genre and introduces different characters with unique abilities that change the way each player adapts to the battlefield. The graphics are slightly more realistic and military-focused, so PUBG players will feel right at home in that regard.

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Like other successful Battle Royale games, Apex Legends is updated fairly frequently and releases tons of new characters and maps every season. While Fortnite brings PUBG players out of their comfort zone with the building mechanic, players will have to discern their playstyle and pick a hero that best represents that playstyle in order to succeed.

Elements like character synergies and balance patches may introduce more changes than PUBG players are used to, but the game is fast-paced, action-packed and completely free to play. It does not come on Mobile, but is available on all consoles, which makes the title fairly accessible.

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Battlelands Royale

Exclusive to mobile, Battlelands Royale doesn’t set its sights on goals of the same magnitude as its competitor, but it has mastered simplicity and excels as a Battle Royale. With basic controllers designed for mobile and straightforward in-game mechanics, this is possibly one of the best picks for beginners to video games.

Granted, PUBG is a tougher game to get the hang of, but if playing with mobile was a must and PUBG mobile isn’t an option, Battlelands Royale is definitely worth a try. It may seem catered to kids at a glance, but its ability to allow character customization and lobby of 32 players per game (down from the usual 100 players per lobby) make it so that each game is condensed and paced even faster.

Call OF Duty Mobile

Call Of Duty may arguably be the face of Shooter games. The series has developed a solid fan base over the years for its quality and refreshing take on shooters with every iteration. Its transition to mobile does not disappoint and provides players with anything they’d need from the shooter.

Naturally, the soldier theme of this title parallels PUBG the best and it also supports a 100-player Battle Royale game mode. The graphics are slightly more intense and the controls may frustrate players who are not used to mobile FPSs, especially when transitioning from consoles - which means some elements of seriousness would be necessary to pick this game up as it might take a huge toll on older phone models.

If Battle Royale isn’t for you on mobile, but Call Of Duty’s gameplay is to your liking, traditional FPS modes are available. These modes are held on different maps where players will simply shoot the enemy team until certain points are achieved. Regardless, Call Of Duty is a titan in the gaming industry, which means its popularity will guarantee you enough players in lobbies and demand for balanced updates.

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