Top 10 Free Athlete Games for Android, iOS

Numerous people around the world have passion for athletics. That is why Olympic events are highly popular to date. Many of us have participated in some kind of athletic sports in some parts of our lives. Some people made sports their profession. While others eventually got involved into other professions. Those who love athletics but don’t have enough time or scope to play in real world can play in virtual world. Stay with us to know about the most popular Atheletics games for Smartphone.

10 Open Sources Athlete Games for Android, iOS


Tangram 3D has developed this game, which weighs in at 73.58 MB and was made available on July 15, 2015. It includes more than 30 different events and five different hard tournaments. You also have the ability to challenge any other real-time player located anywhere in the world to a match in it.

Now, allow me to briefly examine the occurrences that are contained in it. There is a 100-meter dash, a 110-meter dash, a 400-meter dash, a 400-meter relay, and a 1500-meter. On the Google Play Store, it has a rating of 4.1 at the moment.

Summer Games Heroes

Tangram 3D is responsible for the creation of this stunning 84 MB game, which was made available on September 15, 2011. You need to get this game so you can humiliate your opponents and prove to the world that you are the true leader. You have the ability to personalize your athlete in accordance with your preferences, and you may even change and improve him further. It has a rating of 4.0 on the PlayStore.

Athletics+. Summer Sport Games

This game has a size of just 6 megabytes. On March 21, 2016, it was created by Mr KIP just for you to use in your games. Do not, however, criticize this game based on its size alone, as it has a great deal more to offer than meets the eye.

This is a well-known proverb that advises people not to judge a book by its cover, and the same advice applies here. If you like competing in athletics or any of the other sports games, then you will most definitely appreciate this magnificent work of art. At this time, it has a rating of 4.4 stars on the PlayStore.

Ragdoll Runners

This 60 MB game was created by Samuel Manier and released on May 11 2019. There are over eight action-packed, fun-filled, wacky activities awaiting your participation. Among these are the Hurdles, Long jump, Triple jump, and Sprint, among many more. You will compete against some of the top athletes in the world and then demonstrate your abilities to the globe. It has a PlayStore rating of 4.0.

This stunningly designed 81 MB game was developed by Voodoo. You may give it a go right now since it ranks among the top swimming games available on the market today. You and a large number of other players will be made to slide down the water together, and your objective is to be the first person to reach the bottom of the slide.

You can bump into other players and assault them to slow them down before they can do the same to you, but you have to be cautious to avoid being attacked yourself by other players. The overall rating for the game on PlayStore is 3.8.

Olympic Game 1983

This game, which takes up 34 MB of your space, was developed by 8-bit Games memories. Since it is based on the Olympics in 1983, you will be able to experience all of their most memorable and spectacular events.

Are you prepared to become a part of the historic year that saw the biggest spectacle that had ever taken place anywhere in the world at that time? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then you really need to go ahead and download it.

Summer Sports Events

This excellent game, which takes over 20 MB, was developed by TerranDroid. You have the amazing chance to compete on behalf of your country, making it perhaps one of the most exciting games ever. It comes with over 40 different hard minigames, all of which may be won by you so that your nation can once again bask in the glory of its past victories.

You now can get access to all of these summer sports games, and if you put in the effort, develop your talents, and remain dedicated, you will be able to prevail over all of the challenges and come out on top.

Athletics Mania

Athletics Mania has developed this game, which weighs in at 73.58 MB and is made available on June 19, 2020. This game comes closest to what we would expect from a full-fledged, officially approved Olympic title. The variety of events is astounding for a smartphone game, and the graphics are very amazing. Athletics Mania has more field events than the other games on this list, and as an added twist, diving is included with the swimming events.

Summer Sports Events

TerranDroid has developed this game, which weighs in at 73.58 MB and is made available on June 19, 2020. Summer Sports Events is an outstanding take on the summer games, with visuals that would be at home on Nintendo platforms. It is a multi-discipline competition, although participants are not limited to track and field disciplines; cycling and swimming are also available. This game is completely free, with no in-app purchases available.

FIE Swordplay

FIE Swordplay is one of the most unexpectedly popular sports manufactured by FIE in 2016. This scenario includes fences. You choose a weapon, customize your equipment, and combat enemies. The game has authentic fencing methods, aesthetically pleasing visuals, simple controls, online PvP, a narrative element, and an official endorsement from the International Fencing Federation.

Therefore, it is a logical fit for this list. Although fencing is not the most popular sport, this is a fantastic sporting event. The overall rating for the game on PlayStore is 4.2.


Athletic games struggled to stay up with other genres due to lack of variety. Fortunately, in recent years, virtual athletic sports game genere has made noteceable development. In this article, we have discussed the top 10 best online athletics games for iOS and Android. Hope these virtual athlete games will entertain your sport-loving mind.

Source: United News of Bangladesh