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Thoughts of Shams: Solo Content Creator Playing Multiple Characters

Creating innovative fresh content on social media is now a popular trend in Bangladesh and other countries around the world. But the context of building a career based on it is not only surprising but also daring. Thankfully, some creative youths of Bangladesh have stepped into this challenging and inspirational career. ‘Thoughts of Shams’, the brainchild of Shams, has set a shining example of successful online content creation through Facebook and YouTube. Today's feature focuses on Thoughts of Shams.

Personal life of Bangladeshi female YouTuber Shams

The woman behind Thoughts of Shams is known to all as Shams; Her full name is Shams Afroz Chowdhury. Close loved ones call her Prova.

Shams, a girl from Comilla, passed HSC in 2009 with GPA-5 and got admission to BBA in a private university. After graduating, she joined a private bank in 2013 for an internship.

In 2018, this meritorious student completed her MBA from Dhaka University. Early in her career, Shams taught in a private English medium School.

Although her journey of content creation and marital life began together, neither of them ever stood in the way of each other.

The story of Shams becoming a content creator

During her MBA, Shams continued to prepare herself for BCS and bank jobs. Even after repeatedly applying for jobs, there was no response from anywhere as expected. Instead, she had to return home disappointed from each interview.

While working in a private English medium school, she was not getting a proper evaluation of her work. These situations eventually made Shams anxious about her career.

On August 13, 2017, she created a Facebook page titled ‘Thoughts of Shams’ and started writing about various inconsistencies in society. One day a sudden thought came to her mind, what if she made videos with her written content!

With this in mind, she started making videos by mixing great humor in her written content. On January 18, 2018, she opened a YouTube channel with the title “Thoughts of Shams”.

Shams currently owns a YouTube channel with 430-kilo subscribers and a Facebook page with 2.3 million followers.

Thoughts of Shams and funny video making style

Shams alone played all the characters in the funny videos of Thoughts of Shams. She decorates the well-known characters of society like parents, siblings, relatives, neighbors, friends, etc. with pure humor. Each video contains a positive message, which inspires the viewer to deal with various unwanted situations.

Among the contents, "Block's Story" is the first to attract the most viewers. Towards the end of 2019, a video titled "Amra Kono Shadharon Bongsher Na" about the onion price hike spread on social media as well as on broadcast media.

In October 2019, Shams got the Silver Button from YouTube for getting one lakh subscribers. Accordingly, she became an influencer in 2020 as she worked with several local brands.

The most popular YouTube video of Thoughts of Shams is "Ludu with Family", which has got 3.5 million views so far. To her viewers, she is now popularly known by her popular characters like Amnajan, Shamsu, Kulsum, Fuppi, Tuni.

Final words

The success of Thoughts of Shams did not come overnight. Due to having only 100 subscribers in a year, the channel was about to close. But on the advice of her mother, Shams Afroz continued the work she loved. Within three years, Shams obtained a total of 100 million views on her YouTube channel. This smiley female content creator believes that the real success of life lies in doing the work of love in the right way all the time.

Source: United News of Bangladesh