Tarafder Ruhul Amin donates Tk25 lakh to needy football coaches

Renowned sports organiser Tarafder Md Ruhul Amin donated around Tk 25 lakh to insolvent and needy football coaches of the country.


Amin, who earlier pledged to assist the insolvent football coaches last month, already distributed some of Tk 25 lakh in two phases.


In the first phase, Amin, as the secretary general of Bangladesh District and Divisional Football Association (BDDFA), helped about 200 football coaches of the grass root level through the 64 District Football Associations (DFA), who sent a list of three coaches from their respective districts.


In the second phase, Amin, also the president of Bangladesh Football Clubs Association (BFCA), came forward to assist 55 coaches of the metropolis football clubs that played in the Bangladesh Championship League, First Division League, Second Division League and the Third Division Football League.


During his charity programme, Amin said there is no one to help coaches who are the engineers of producing the footballers across the country.


“I thought they’re the most ignored part of the football arena during this Coronavirus crisis. Their earning channels are totally cut-off. So, I thought to provide some financial assistance which was distributed through the DFA at the grass root level and in Dhaka, I personally supervised the process of distribution at 55 metropolis clubs,” he said.


Amin hoped to carry on his work and said he looked forward to starting the third phase soon.


He criticised the Bangladesh Football Federation for its reluctance of not helping people related to football.


“I feel that football related people like coaches, referees, and players feels shy to ask for help. BFF hardly did anything for them as the guardian of country’s football,” he said.


“I urged BFF to make a quick response in this crisis,” said Amin, the owner of BPL football club Saif Sporting and also the managing director of Saif Powertec Ltd.


Source: United News of Bangladesh