‘Silent famine’ in country: BNP

BNP on Wednesday alleged that people are facing a very tough time now as a ‘silent famine’ has been prevailing in the country due to the fallouts of coronavirus and floods.


“People are going through a very difficult and suffocating situation now due to misrule. On one hand, people are being oppressed and exploited by the despotic regime, the coronavirus pandemic is taking its toll on them on the other,” said BNP senior joint secretary general RuhulKabirRizvi.


He said, “A silent famine has been prevailing in the country amid the screams of people who have lost their all belongings due to floods in different districts. But the prices of daily essentials, including rice, pulses, flour, oil and green chilly, are increasing uncontrollably, putting the country into a terrible danger.”


The BNP leader made the remarks at a virtual press briefing at the party’s Nayapaltan central office.


He said the government is least bothered about the public sufferings as it is busy ‘eliminating’ its opponents through a ‘repressive and vindictive’ policy.


Rizvi alleged that the ruling party has launched false propaganda against Zia family to mislead the new generation and make a narrow political gain.


He urged the government to try to gain the confidence of the people coming out of the politics of lies, vengeance and deception.


Rizvi said the ruling party leaders used to spread lies against their political opponents as they have no success to project before people.


Meanwhile, BNP standing committee member Gayeshwar Chandra Roy urged their party leaders and activists to get ready to unseat the current government at any cost to save the nation from ‘misrule’ and repressive acts.


“We’re being repressed, and we won’t get rid of it as long as this regime remains in power. Those who are in office by force will have to be removed from power by force. This is a historical fact,” he told a discussion.


Dhaka district unit BNP arranged the programme at the party’s Nayapaltan central office, marking the party’s 42nd founding anniversary.


Gayeshwar warned their party leaders that they will not get success in the movement against the current government unless they change their escaping attitude.


“Change your mentality and take a strong resolve that you won’t hesitate even to die for resorting democracy. If we can do it, we’ll be able to get success and free Khaleda Zia,” he added.


Source: United News of Bangladesh