Shakib Al Hasan: What lies ahead after a dispute with BCB?

This isn't the first time, Shakib Al Hasan, the poster boy of Bangladesh cricket, has had a dispute with the Bangladesh Cricket Board. Shakib consistently expressed his dissatisfaction with the BCB's overall performance to mass people. This time, Shakib was a bit flexible towards the BCB president but he vented his anger on the cricket operations committee chairman Akram Khan.

Shakib was so enraged that he demanded the resignation of former cricketer Akram Khan. He states that, with the exception of Khaled Mahmud Sujan, all officers of the BCB have failed to perform their duties. This article clarifies, after a dispute with BCB, what lies ahead for Shakib Al Hasan?

The reasons behind BCB's displeasure with Shakib

Recently, Shakib Al Hasan gave a one-hour virtual interview to a cricket-related website. Shakib discussed the BCB's cricket plans, his positions on playing Test cricket, and the key reason for his desire to play in the IPL during the interview.

Shakib is preferring to play in the IPL rather than the Test series against Sri Lanka in April, and he explained his decision in a letter to the BCB. In this regard, BCB director Akram Khan told the media that Shakib wants to play in the IPL 2021 instead of the Test series against the Sri Lankan team, so the Cricket Board granted him the NOC to play in the IPL.

As a result, there is a widespread belief among Bangladeshi cricket fans that Shakib may no longer want to play longer version cricket. Furthermore, a negative image of him was generated in the minds of the general public because he prioritized his personal interests over the interests of the country.

Shakib talked candidly about Test cricket in the interview. The world-class all-rounder said he did not state in the letter that he is no longer interested in playing Test cricket. The truth of Shakib's words was discovered after a copy of the letter was released to the media.

Shakib believes that competing in the IPL will be a great way to prepare for the T20 World Cup than playing a two-match ICC Test Championship against Sri Lanka. Bangladesh would achieve nothing important in the Test Championship because of the results of those two matches. Furthermore, Shakib believes that newcomers should be given more opportunities to grow into the next generation of cricketers.

However, accusing former cricketer Akram Khan because of misunderstanding has created quite a stir in Bangladesh cricket. According to Shakib, the BCB president has ample love for cricket. On the other side, he also praised Khaled Mahmud Sujon, the chairman of the game development committee.

Except for Khaled Mahmood, he believes that everyone is failing to fulfill their obligations in the development of cricket. Shakib inadvertently requested Akram Khan's resignation by admitting responsibility for the failure.

BCB's response after Shakib Al Hasan's allegations

The BCB was understandably rattled by Shakib's shocking remarks about their officials. Directors from the cricket board convened an emergency meeting at the BCB president's house to address the situation in depth.

Despite his refusal to talk to the media about the situation, Akram Khan has refuted all of the accusations leveled against him. The BCB will revoke Shakib's NOC and invite him to play in the Test series against Sri Lanka. Shakib Al Hasan, on the other hand, flew from the United States to Dhaka at midnight on Tuesday to solve the issue. He will travel to Kolkata following the scheduled meeting with the Bangladesh Cricket Board.

The BCB sees the open discussion with the media as a conspiracy. Shakib would undoubtedly face difficult questions during the conference. Because, at a press meeting, the board president said:

"Shakib is the best player in the squad. Now, as a national player who has also served as the team's captain, he cannot say anything against the team. According to the rules, he cannot do that. He signed a contract with us that states that he is not allowed to criticize the board or any of its members,”

Bottom Line

Shakib is mature enough to outshine his opponent on the field by displaying his charisma. Shakib is equally adept at bolstering his status off the field, as shown by his many examples. Shakib may be able to clear things up with BCB and board director Akram Khan.

But after such remarks, did the relationship with the 1996 ICC Trophy champion captain Akram Khan will last? So the question remains after the disagreement with the BCB, then what lies ahead for Shakib Al Hasan?

Source: United News of Bangladesh