Sebayat of Mirpur temple was shamed into commiting suicide

Detective Branch (DB) of Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) arrested three people on charge of instigating a Sebayat of Mirpur No. 14 Central Temple of the capital to commit suicide from Gazipur and Dhaka city on Monday.

The arrestees were identified as Dr. Biplab Bijoyi Haldar, Suman Saha and Badal Sarkar, who were performing the duties of the president, organizing secretary and office secretary respectively of the temple committee.

Briefing reporters at DMP media Centre on Tuesday, Additional Commissioner (DB) Mohammad Haroon Or Rashid, said that Sebayet Porikshit Das was engaged in performing ritual services in the Central Temple of Dhaka Metropolitan North in Kafrul Thana.

He lived in a room inside the temple. On August 16, around 6:00 a.m., the body of Parikshit Das was found hanging from the railing of the second floor of the temple, he said.

He further said that after getting information from other people of the temple and analysing CCTV footage, it revealed that when Sebayet Parikshit Das was leaving the temple with a bag on the night of August 15 at around 11:50 pm, arrested Suman Saha intercepted him. Shortly after this, the arrested Dr. Biplab Bijoyi Haldar and Badal Sarkar came to the temple and spoke to the victim.

At one stage, when the victim Parikshit Das tried to beg for forgiveness by holding their hands and feet, they left the temple. Within hours Parikshit Das committed suicide at the instigation of the arrested trio on August 16, sometime between 00:30 AM and 05:30 AM, the Additional Commissioner (DB) said.

About information revealed from the arrested trio during interrogation, the head of the DB said, “When Sebayat Parikshit Das was carrying temple fruit, flour and sugar in a bag at around 11:50 on the night of August 15, arrested Suman Saha caught him red-handed.”

Sebayat Parikshit Das apologized to Dr. Haldar and Badal Sarkar when they arrived at the scene and promised not to do such things again in the future.

The DB head said that the three arrestees abused the victim Sebayat Parikshit. Sebayet Parikshit Das committed suicide out of fear of shame. Even if this incident happened for any other reason, it will be investigated, Additional Commissioner (DB) added.

A case was filed in Kafrul police station following the complaint of the victim’s family.

Source: United News of Bangladesh