Samsung 8K Smart QLED TV Price in Bangladesh: Grab Your Home Theater

Do you love watching movies on an enormous screen? It is not safe to visit theater halls due to the risk of COVID19 contraction during the ongoing pandemic. What if you can bring the theater to your home? Yes! We are talking about Samsung QLED TVs that can give the experience of home-theater. Read this article to know about the latest Samsung 8K Smart QLED TVs with price ranges, specs, and features in Bangladesh.


Key Features of Samsung 8K QLED Smart TVs


Realistic 8K Display


Samsung has brought 8K Smart QLED TVs in Bangladesh to facilitate immersive movie experience. Now you can watch your favorite movies, web series, or videos at an 8K immersive display. But, what is the specialty of the 8K resolution? This upgraded mechanism features 7680 by 4320 pixels resolution that can make you feel the joy of watching a realistic display by virtue of 33 million pixels per frame assuring absolute clarity. The supreme resolution capacity of its 8K display is about four times powerful than any 4K screen.


Superb Detailing, Colour Accuracy, and Contrast


The Direct Full Array (32X by 24X) technology of an 8K QLED Smart TV features incredible picture detailing with impressive contrast. It’s Quantum HDR 16X/12X technology is capable of dynamic tone mapping for improved color efficiency. What is more? The Quantum Dot Technology features one billion shades of color. This massive color volume can display any tone of color or level of brightness. More to say, its HDR10+ display can deliver magnificent color accuracy with incredible detailing for even minor objects.


Quantum Processor Intelligence


The Samsung 8K QLED TVs are built with the top-notch 8K Quantum processor. This powerful processor enables an up-scaling display that can deliver realistic edges with flawless textures. It can reduce the noise, from pixel by pixel to reach the ultimate level of accuracy. Its clever machine learning capability can improve the quality of display at close to reality. Thanks to Samsung for introducing us to the next generation of QLED TVs.


Adaptive Brightness


Compared with the CRT or LCD screens, the QLED TVs offer about 50 to 100 times brighter displays. In the 8K Samsung QLED TVs, you get improved brightness. Its smart AI technology automatically customizes the brightness of the screen considering the surrounding environment or the time of watching. If you own an 8K Samsung QLED TV, its adaptive picture technology would give you an exclusive flavor for watching content in the daytime and the night hours.


Ultra Viewing Angle


Unlike conventional TVs, you don’t need to sit in front of an 8K QLED Samsung TV to get the perfect view. Interestingly, its superb ultra-viewing angle technology gives you the opportunity to watch the contents from any corner of the room. No matter wherever you sit, you can get the same pleasure its fascinating 8K display. You can watch movies or videos while working in the kitchen or doing exercising. Thus a Samsung 8K QLED TV can serve as a home theater.


OTS+ and AVA Technology


The 8K Smart QLED TVs are blessed with OTS+ technology that stands for the Objects Tracking Sound+ mechanism. This motion tracking technology is capable of deriving realistic cinematic audio-visual experience in every scene. The Samsung 8K TVs are also equipped with dedicated side-firing as well as up-firing speakers that can disseminate the sound proficiently connecting you to the actions.


Furthermore, Samsung’s QLED 8K TVs are programmed with the AVA (Active Voice Amplifier). This cutting-edge technology can efficiently amplify the sounds of every scene to prevent the audience from losing track during any conversation or indulgence of any unexpected noise generated in or outside the home.


Splendid Bezel-Free Design


Are you thinking about the visible wires of a Wall Mounted TV? Don’t worry! With a nearly invisible cable, a Samsung 8K Smart QLED TV can be mounted on the wall leaving no gap for wall-mount. Though the 8K QLED screens are usually available in bigger display sizes, they are slender and light-weight.


The four-sided bezel-less screen offers a continuous cinematic viewing experience. The widescreen in a slick body makes a Samsung QLED 8K TV look trendier more than ever before. Not to mention, the elegant appearance of a Samsung Smart QLED TV can add grandeur to your adorable home.


Breathtaking Features


What if you want to watch your favorite video song and follow yoga instruction at the same time? Yes! The Samsung 8K QLED TV would let you watch both programs on the same screen. Can you believe it? The ‘Multi-View’ option allows the viewer to watch multiple programs simultaneously without shifting the channel.


This Smart TV helps you get rid of the hassle of controlling the TV pressing remote or manually. Its active voice control feature would let you access any content swiftly. Furthermore, you can control other connected gadgets in your house using the Multiple Voice Assistants option. QLED TVs also feature faster-switching speed during ON/OFF. These Smart TVs have the ‘Real Game Ennhancer+’ feature that aids in clear visibility, improved motion-clarity, and less stuttering while playing the latest multi-player or racing games.


Improved Technology


‘QLED’ refers to Quantum dots Light Emitting Diode. QLED screens are built with Quantum dots made of 2 nm to 10 nm-sized tiny semiconductor crystals. QLED products are both cost-effective and long-lasting due to the high moisture resisting mechanism without applying the costly vacuum evaporation method. Therefore, a Samsung 8K Smart TV can be a clever investment for your luxurious home.


Energy Efficiency


If you are looking for a power-efficient display, choose a QLED smart TV. Compared to OLED displays, the QLEDs feature double power-efficiency with 30 to 40 percent of enhanced brightness. Owning an 8K Samsung QLED TV, you can enjoy high definition visual graphics lying comfortably on your couch without counting a lump sum electricity bill at the end of the month. Furthermore, unlike OLED displays, QLED TVs are less susceptible to burn-in.


Samsung 8K QLED Smart TV Price in Bangladesh


The price ranges of Samsung QLED Smart TVs vary depending on the screen size and specs. The 85-inch Samsung QLED Smart TV costs around BDT 1,999,000. To grab an 82-inch Samsung QLED TV you have to spend up to BDT 1,799,000. While the price tag of the 75-inch 8K Samsung TVs ranges from BDT 1,299,000 to 1,590,000.


However, these prices can change any time upon company policy.


Source: United News of Bangladesh