Samad succeeds in farming vegetables in fisheries farms

RANGPUR Farmer Abdus Samad has succeeded in cultivating vegetables on the banks of his three fisheries farms changing fortune in Nijpara village of Balapara union in Kawnia upazila of the district.

Apart from cultivating fish, he is earning extra profits by cultivating a variety of vegetables on the banks of his three fisheries farms on about two acres area of water bodies.

Talking to BSS on his fisheries farms, Samad said he is cultivating bean, papaya, ladies finger, tendril, 'Borboti', cucumber and brinjal (eggplant) all-around on the banks of his fisheries farms.

I was largely inspired to bring the banks and isles of my fisheries farms under vegetable cultivation after getting advice from officials of the Upazila Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE) three years back, Samad said.

Earlier, the banks of his fisheries farms remained fallow round the year since he began fish farming five years ago.

He earned a little profit in the first year from farming only 'Borboti' on the banks of his fisheries farms. But, the scenario started changing from the next year.

Samad started cultivating bean, 'Borboti', ladies finger, eggplant, tendril, cucumber and papaya simultaneously on the banks and isles after raising bamboo-made over-head and on-land fences spending Taka 36,500 in the second year.

The costs included Taka 12,000 for earthworks on the isles of three fisheries farms, Taka 5,000 for vegetable seeds, Taka 15,000 for constructing bamboo-made fences, Taka 3,000 for setting up of nets and Taka 1,500 for spraying pesticides, he said.

Later, flowers of bean and ladies finger appeared first followed by blooming of other vegetables turning banks on all sides of my fisheries farms turned into a greenery, Samad said.

After earning a good profit last season, Samad has already started selling early varieties of bean, ladies finger and papaya to get excellent price this season.

I am expecting to sell the produced vegetables on the banks and isles of my fisheries farms at over Taka 1.50-lakh this season till March next year, he said.

I am grateful to Sub-assistant Agriculture Officer (SAAO) of the DAE Subal Chandra�- he inspired me continuously for farming vegetables on the banks of fisheries farms along with fish cultivation, he said.

Samad is earning quite well from farming fish farming and vegetables adopting intercropping method to overcome poverty after bringing solvency to his family comprising of six members.

The cost for vegetable farming is reaming almost same as I do need to construct fences every year on the banks and isles, Samad said adding that he only requires spraying little pesticide during blooming period of vegetables.

Observing success of Abdus Samad in farming vegetables on the banks, many other farmers have already started cultivating vegetables on the isles and banks of croplands, fisheries farms and ponds in neighbouring areas, SAAO Subal said.

Talking to BSS, Kawnia Upazila Agriculture Officer Agriculturist Md. Saiful Alam said the DAE officials are providing assistance and technological supports to Abdus Samad and other farmers in expanding their ventures.

Samad has achieved exemplary success in farming vegetables on the banks and isles of his three fisheries farms to become an icon for other farmers in neighbouring areas, Alam added.

Abdus Samad is now widely kwon as a successful fish and vegetable farmer in Kawnia upazila of Rangpur district.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)