Russian Ntech Lab offers facial recognition software

NtechLab, a Russian high-tech camera technology company, announced its partnership with Bangladeshi software company Ribat Metatech to market its facial recognition technology.

The company made its announcement through a press conference at Sonargaon Hotel in the city on Thursday which will offer facial recognition software for security services and commercial clients in Bangladesh.

NtechLab is the first major Russian software developer to enter into Bangladeshi market, said Pavel Borisov, Head of Business Development and Sales in South Asia, of the Russian company while addressing the press meet.

Amatula Khanova, Press Attaché and Anton Vereshchagin, third Secretary of the Russian Embassy in Bangladesh and Golam Sarwar, managing director at Ribat Metatech also spoke on the occasion.

They said facial recognition technology empowers governments and security services to act with greater speed and confidence.

“It employs high-precision, real-time face recognition mode in video streams. Images are compared with a database of wanted individuals”, said NtechLab executive.

“If there is a match, the platform notifies law enforcement immediately. The entire process, from the appearance of a person in front of a camera to law enforcement receiving a signal, takes only seconds,”he added, this enables a fast response to situations as they develop.

He also said the technology can also provide commercial companies, such as retail stores, exhibition halls and trade centers with richer audience analytics on visitor numbers, including segmentation based on gender and age, the average length of visit time and whether attendees are new or regular visitors.

Another application is facial recognition for access control and attendance management systems, he noted.

Source: United News of Bangladesh