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Restoring people’s ownership of country is BNP’s main challenge: Mosharraf

BNP senior leader Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain on Thursday said it is a challenge for their party to restore people’s ownership of the country by ousting the Awami League government.


Speaking at a programme, he also said the country cannot be freed from injustice, misrule and misdeeds until the current ‘fascist’ regime is removed.


“Bangladesh belongs to all its citizens. But a quarter of Awami League has grabbed people’s Bangladesh and indulged in plundering. So, there is only one challenge in front of us now. This challenge is to restore people’s ownership of the country,” the BNP leader said.


He called upon people of all walks of life irrespective of party, opinion and religious belief to come forward to save the country from the grasp of Awami League.


“We need to rescue this country and return it to people. That’s why our acting chairman called for taking back Bangladesh. The country should be taken back to its people. We are working towards this goal,” he said.


Mosharraf, a BNP standing committee member, came up with the remarks while exchanging greetings with the Christian community on the occasion of the Christmas Day.


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As in the previous years, BNP arranged the programme at the party chairperson’s Gulshan office.


Mosharraf said Bangladesh has been passing through a critical juncture as the current government has destroyed democracy, economy, judicial and social systems.


“Those who destroyed all these things won’t be able to repair these again. That’s why we’ve placed the 27 points to repair the state,” the BNP leader observed.


He said their 27 points have already inspired the country’s people and created hope among them.


The BNP leader said their party believes in the freedom of all religions and they have respect for all religions. “As per the section13 of our 27 points, the believers of all faiths will enjoy the full rights of their respective religions.”


He deplored that people of all minority religious communities and their worship places came under attacks and they face obstruction in performing their religious activities during the rule of the Awami League government.


He said their party founder Ziaur Rahman established Bangladeshi nationalism for ensuring the rights and welfare of all communities and religions.


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“We want to get rid of this fascist government. Without democracy, no sector can run smoothly. That is what Awami League has proved by killing democracy. They did it after independence by establishing Baksal and they have done it now again,” he said.The programme began with the recitation from the verses of Bible. Late, BNP leaders cut the Christmas cake with members of the Christian community, marking their biggest religious festival.


Source: United News of Bangladesh