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Rakib killing: Father alleges murder recorded as road accident, demands justice

Family members of school student Ifran Khan Rakib, who was killed in the city’s Hatirjheel area in July 2019, demanded exemplary punishment of the killers through bringing them under justice.

"My son SSC candidate Ifran Khan Rakib was killed in a planned way. I demand exemplary punishment of my son’s killers after bringing them under the law. I also request to the Prime Minister, Home Minister and the IGP for legal support in this regard,” said Dil Mohammad Khan, the father of the victim at a press conference held at Dhaka Reporters Unity on Tuesday.

Sheuly Begum, the mother of slain Rakib, and other family members were also present during the press conference.

In his written statement, Dil Mohammad alleged that an influential quarters has killed his son Rakib for failing to involve him with drug trading and also fearing that information of their drug trading might be disclosed to the law enforcement agencies.

Dil Mohammad Khan said that Rakib was killed on July 6, 2019. From the very beginning, the influential quarters have been trying divert the killing into a road accident using their power and money, he added.

“This is clearly a pre-planned murder. But due to the non-cooperation and negligence of the investigating officers, it was not possible to unravel the mystery of the murder starting from the First Information Report (FIR) of the case. Not only that, the officer-in-charge of Hatirjheel police station Abdur Rashid changed the FIR of the case and recorded a case of road accident instead of murder.” he alleged.

He also alleged that after Rakib's murder, the police arrested a young man named Saadi, but the police did not take his statement and released him in exchange for a large sum of money. Besides, investigation of the case has also been progressing based on the false statement of an accused. The investigating officer did not even collect CCTV camera footage of the scene, he alleged.

There had been more than one attempt to kill Rakib, his father said. The case was transferred to PBI from the local thana police but later it was transferred to RAB following a court order because the father of Rakib appealed to the court to transfer the case to the elite force RAB.

Source: United News of Bangladesh