RAB arrests drug dealers, recovers yaba, hemp

Rapid Action Battalion (Rab) arrested five alleged drug peddlers and recovered 6,250 pieces yaba pills and 20 kgs hemp from the city’s Jatrabari area in two separate raids on Saturday.

The arrestees were identified as-- Md. Nurul Alam (52), Md. Jasim Uddin Ahmed (35), Md. Helal (27), b. Md. Shah Jalal (22), c. Md. Rajiv Talukder (29).

Based on secret information, a team of Rab-2 battalion started surveillance and set up a check post at Dakshin Kajla of North Duniya Biswa Road in jatrabari at around 6:30 am as the elite force came to know that a group of drug dealers was coming to Jatrabari area from the border area via Chittagong.

When Md. Nurul Alam and Md. Jasim Uddin Ahmed were about to passing the check-post, the elite force members challenged them and found 6,250 pieces Yaba pills searching their bodies at around 7:20 am.

RAB arrests drug dealers, recovers yaba, hemp

Sources at the Rab-2 battalin headquarters said that during Primary interrogation, the duo confessed that they have been involved in supplying the contraband yaba tablets to drug traders and drug consumers of various places in the capital.

Earlier, based on secret information, the Rab-2 team set-up special checkpost in from of Barisal Saw mill at Uttara Dhaniya at around 5:0 am.

When a covered-van was crossing the checkpost at around 5:20 am, the elite force challenged the vehicle and gave signal to stop it. Sensing presence of the law enforcers, three drug paddlers-- Md. Helal, Md. Shah Jalal and Md. Rajiv Talukder were trying to flee the scene after got down from the vehicle. The Rab-2 members also chased them and finally able to caught them.

During primary interrogation, they denied about the drug consignment and finally confessed about carrying drug consignments. Based on their statements, the Rab-2 members seized 20 kg hemp, which was kept hidden inside the covered-van, around 7:20 am.

During interrogation, the arrested drug dealers revealed they had been selling the banned drug cannabis in different places of Dhaka for a long time.

Source: United News of Bangladesh