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Put your own house in order: Fakhrul to Quader

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir on Saturday asked his ruling party counterpart Obaidul Quader to put his own house in order instead of regularly criticising the opponents.

“The Awami League general secretary talked about BNP even yesterday as he’s used to make comment (about our party) every day…we get surprised with his remarks. His way of talking is nice. The seat he sits for talking is also very nice!” he said.

While inaugurating a blood donation programme at the Jatiya Press Club, the BNP leader also said Quader used to say BNP has no existence, but he makes derogatory remarks against it every day as he knows better about its strong existence.

“You (Quader) should be ashamed of seeing what are happening in your area in Noakhali’s Basurhat… so, I ask him to put his own house in order before criticising BNP,” he said.

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Referring to media reports, Fakhrul said two people, including a journalist, were killed at Bashurhat in recent clashes between Obaidul Quader’s younger brother Quader Mirza and his rivals.

He said police did not receive a case when the family members of a victim went to file it against Quader Mirza on Friday. “Because he’s not only Quader Mirza, he is the brother of Obaidul Quader, the second most powerful man in Bangladesh. Where’s justice and where’s the rule of law?”

Fakhrul said ruling party leaders and activists have been indulging in violence and killing at different parts of the country over the sharing of ‘plundered’ money.

“They’re looting the assets of Bangladesh and engage in clashes over the sharing of the looted money and assets. Their main target is to loot the entire Bangladesh and making second homes in Canada, Malaysia, the UK, America and other countries,” he said.

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The BNP leader alleged that Awami League has established monarchy in the country by ‘destroying’ democracy, the main spirit of the Liberation War. “On this Golden Jubilee of the country’s independence, we must take a vow to remove them (from power).”

BNP’s treatment and service committee formed to mark the Golden Jubilee of the independence in collaboration with Doctors’ Association of Bangladesh arranged the programme at the Jatiya Press Club.

Fakhrul said Awami League has established a reign of terror across the country by ‘resorting’ to politicisation.

He said the government employees who have any kind of link with BNP are being either sacked or forced to go on retirement. “It’s happening in every sector.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh