PUBG New State Android Game: Features and Winning Tricks You Need to Know

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, in short PUBG, is one of the most tempting video games in the world. After releasing in 2017, it gained popularity at an exponential rate. Due to its popularity, PUBG has introduced different versions for different countries in the past four years. To meet the players' expectations, PUBG Studios and Krafton have announced the release of a new version of the popular game. The newest version is called PUBG New State, which became available in early March. Having said that, we will discuss the PUBG New State Games features, winning tactics, and more.

The Storyline of PUBG New State

The PUBG New State is based on the year 2051. So, you will be playing in the future. However, the characters and playing style will be the same as the PUBG Mobile games. However, players will get access to futuristic bikes, buggies along with the 8X8 kilometers maps.

The futuristic battleground will certainly amaze the player. Besides, the Global Illumination rendering technology will provide an outstanding experience.

The players will play through the new eight square kilometers area named Troi. Besides, navigation through the sprawling town along with the mix of suburban living will provide an eye-soothing experience. However, a little touch of the natural areas will also provide a new experience to the players.

PUBG NEW State System Requirements

PUBG New State supports Ultra-Realistic Graphics, which is created by newly invented Global illumination technology. So, the players may need mid to higher-end devices for a smooth play. However, the ideal device requirement is 2.5 GB of RAM with around 606 MB free storage.

Although this game is not released yet, it will be available for both iOS and Android. The iOS version's system requirement is yet to confirm; for android, Android version 6 or higher are required.

Features of PUBG New State

Multiple new features have been crafted for the game. Let's find out the new futures.

Combat Rolls

The newly added combat roll has been featured in the trailer. However, this may hinder the pace of the game. Though the PUBG mobile is a little slower while playing on foot, the combat roll in New State may provide a new taste, and it might be faster. However, there are no changes in the gunplay, so high changed gameplay should not be expected.

Ability to Customize the Weapons

The PUBG Mobile version allows you to add different elements to weapons. The New State offers customized weapons. Besides, the newly added fire and more selection along with grenade launchers will definitely fascinate the players.

New vehicles

We have seen various vehicles in the trailer. However, some vehicles may seem related to the PUBG Mobile. But the new version brings out some new vehicles with a futuristic look. Apparently, 2051 will highlight the blue neon color. Additionally, there will be autonomous buses on the road, which can be a potential gameplay option.

Moreover, for the airstrikes, the drones and advanced helicopters will undoubtedly give you stunning gameplay.

New Map

You will not need to play on the old maps anymore. The new map called Troi will get you access to the 8 square kilometers of the radius. The 8x8 km map is massive, which will take you through the trees, rivers, built-up areas, shopping malls, and more. Besides, a stadium also appeared on the map.

Dynamic Gunplay with Realistic feature

The PUBG New State is introducing realistic gunplay, which is highly optimized for mobile gaming. Besides, you may also master multiple weapons, which ultimately make you feel like you are using them for real.

These are the unique features, and the players are going to enjoy them.

Few Aspects of the Game

Other than the newly added features, the trailer has revealed a few aspects of PUBG New State.

- It will offer both TPP and FPP features for the gameplay.

- The incorporation of Ultra-HD graphics along with the textures provides the nicely saturated vintage look.

- The visualization of the future felt like the real.

- Tactical shields have been introduced on New State, which can be picked up from the ground and can be used for defense.

- Although the interface is more like the PUBG Mobile, changes in the appearance are noticeable.

PUBG New State Android

PUBG New State Tips and Tricks

Choose the Landing Place

When you need to land from the pursuit, make sure you land in a safe place. While lading, try to get closure to the buildings so that you can get some loot. Besides, look for other players to avoid any crashes.

Shot Later and Loot First

Once you hit the ground, make sure you geared up yourself and then run for the loots. Because if you become weak, it will be very difficult for you to loot. So, we will suggest you loot first and then go for a shooting.

Avoid Shooting when you are not in Range

If you are not in the range avoid shooting. To kill a distant enemy, having them in the range is highly essential. So, you should choose from different weapons to aim at a different distance.

Always look at the Map

Keeping an eye on the map will get you an idea of some areas. Besides, you can find safe areas too. If you get familiar with the landscape, ensure that you look at the mini-maps for diminishing the playing area.

Use of Vehicles

If you need to go somewhere quickly, use a vehicle instead of running. However, vehicles are available here and there, so you can easily grab one.

Communicate with your mates

When you play in a team, continuous communication can get your team a win. During the game, squadmates distribute the task to the members through the proper communications. So, make sure you communicate all the time and remain alert.

PUBG New State Release Date and Price

Krafton has just released the trailer. However, they did not announce any release date yet, but it is expected to hit the market later this year on iOS and Android.

According to rumor, PUBG New State will be free via the limited trial version and charge some amount to download the full version. However, the PUBG Mobile cost $30.


The PUBG New State trailer clearly shows that the game will convey the most realistic experience for mobile devices. Besides, the new features, weapons, vehicles, and graphics will surely attract millions of gamers worldwide.

Currently, potential players can pre-order on the App Store and Pre-Register on Google Play to get early access after the game's release.

Source: United News of Bangladesh