Price hike: JaPa threatens to wage a movement

Jatiya Party Secretary General Mujibul Haque Chunnu on Thursday threatened to wage a street movement if the government fails to control the price hike of daily essentials and check corruption and extortion.

“Jatiya Party won’t leave the streets if commodity prices are not controlled, and corruption, money laundering, tender manipulation, politicisation and extortion are not stopped,” he said.

Speaking at a human-chain programme, the Jatiya Party leader also said only those who are with the ruling party now doing well as they are becoming richer through tender manipulation, extortion and partisanism.

“But most people in the country are getting poorer day by day. They’ve no earning source, but their expenditure has increased several times,” he observed.|

Chunnu said people are seriously struggling to make ends meet due to the unbridled rise in the prices of essential commodities.

Price hike: JaPa threatens to wage a movement

Jatiya Party arranged the programme in the city’s Bijoynagar area protesting the growing hike of essential commodities.

The leaders and activists of the Jatiya Party’s different thanas and wards of the city and the party’s associate bodies joined the human chain with banners and festoons to force the government to control the overheated market.

Cunnu said it is difficult for many people to cope with the skyrocketing prices of essential items as the huge number of people has already become jobless due to the Covid pandemic.

“The number of unemployed people now in the country is at least five crores. In such a reality, the way commodity prices are going up, it seems the government is not at at all concerned about public sufferings and it can’t read their minds,” he said.

The Jatiya Party secretary general urged the government to take effective steps to lower the prices of essential items. “Or else, we’ll wage a fierce movement to realise the demands of common people.”

Source: United News of Bangladesh