Poll campaign reaches peak in Rangpur-3 by-election

RANGPUR As electioneering ends from tomorrow

(Thursday), poll campaign reached its climax at these last hours today in the

by-election in Rangpur-3 parliamentary constituency.

Voters, especially youths and students, are showing more interests in

franchising their rights to elect better and committed leadership through the

Rangpur-3 by-poll slated for October 5 (Saturday) next.

The authorities concerned have taken tight security measures in holding

the by-poll in a free, fair, peaceful, impartial, credible and transparent

manner in a festive atmosphere ensuring a sound law and order situation.

The contesting candidates and their workers are conducting their last

moment door-to-door campaigns and streets rallies in both urban and rural

areas of Rangpur-3 seat to attract voters for casting votes in favour of

their respective candidates.

Officials said the Rangpur-3 parliamentary constituency fell vacant

following the death of Leader of the Opposition and Jatiya Party (JaPa)

Chairman Hussein Muhammad Ershad on July 14 last.

On Sept 1, the Election Commission announced the schedule for by-election

in Rangpur seat on October 5 next using the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs)

at all booths across the constituency.

Talking to BSS today, Rangpur Regional Election Officer and Returning

Officer for Rangpur-3 by-poll GM Sahatab Uddin said six candidates are

finally contesting in Rangpur-3 by-election with the symbols allocated for


The contesting candidates are: JaPa-nominated candidate Rahgir Al Mahi Saad

Ershad (Plough), BNP-nominated candidate Rita Rahman (Sheaf of paddy),

independent candidate Hossain Mokbul Shahriar Asif (Motor Car), National

People Party-nominated candidate Shafiul Alam (Mango), Gano Front-nominated

candidate Muhammad Shahidullah (Fish) and Khelafat Majlish-nominated

candidate Tauhidur Rahman Mandal Raju (Wall Clock).

A total of four lakh 41 thousand and 224 voters are eligible to cast

their votes at 1,023 booths of 175 polling centres in Rangpur-3 by-election,

Sahatab said.

Of them, two lakh 20 thousand and 823 voters are male voters and two lakh

20 thousand 401 voters are female voters.

A total of 3,244 election officials, including 175 Presiding Officers,

1,023 Assistant Presiding Officers and 2,046 Polling Officers will conduct

the voting process at all 1,023 boots in 175 polling centres in Rangpur-3

parliamentary constituency, Sahatab said.

Meanwhile, the Election Commissioner has already completed training of the

elections officers for conducting the by-poll at all 1,023 booths in 175

poling centres, including 49 'important' polling centres in the constituency.

To ensure peaceful law and order, enforce election rules and prevention

of crimes, 18 executive magistrates, four judicial magistrates and one mobile

election tribunal led by a judicial magistrate are working in Rangpur-3

seat, the Returning Officer said.

Besides, members of police, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB-13), Border Guard

Bangladesh (BGB), Ansar-VDP and intelligence agencies both in uniforms and

plain clothes will be deployed to ensure security at all booths for

conducting peaceful by-poll.

Electioneering for by-poll in Rangpur-3 seat will end from 9 am on October

3 (Thursday) and voting will begin from 9 am and continue till 5 pm on

October 5 (Saturday), the Returning Officer said.

He said preparations have been completed for conducting the by-poll

peacefully at all 1,203 booths in 175 polling centres on October 5 and the

government has declared public holiday on that day in Rangpur-3 seat.

The law enforcement agencies will play their active roles so that the voters

could easily go the polling centres and cast their votes in peaceful and

festive atmosphere.

The polling will be suspended if irregularities were reported and proved

at any polling centre during the by-poll in Rangpur-3 seat and stern legal

actions would be taken against the law-breaker responsible people, the

Returning Officer said.

According to local observers, there might be a triangular contest among

JaPa-nominated candidate Rahgir Al Mahi Saad Ershad (Plough), BNP-nominated

candidate Rita Rahman (Sheaf of paddy) and independent candidate Hossain

Mokbul Shahriar Asif (Motor Car).

Most of the contesting candidates and their supporters are campaigning now

seeking votes promising massive developments in Rangpur-3 seat while BNP

candidate is capitalising issue like restoring 'democracy' for establishing

'rights' of people.

Earlier on Monday last, Chief Election Commissioner KM Nurul Huda at a

meeting here expressed satisfaction over excellent preparations for

conducting the by-poll in Rangpur-3 seat peacefully without any possibility

of untoward incident.

Source: Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha (BSS)