PM Hasina asks police to firmly deal with destructive acts


Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday asked the police officials to take proper action against any destructive activity for the sake of the continuation of the country’s uninterrupted economic progress.


“(Stay alert) so that none could interrupt our economic progress in future and none could dare to carry out arson violence anymore and none could interrupt the overall security of the lives of the people,” she said.


The premier was addressing a meeting with the high officials of Bangladesh Police, held at her office on the seccond day of the Police Week-2023.


Pointing to opposition BNP she said “Yes, they can do movement. It is ok. It can be done taking the people with them. If any destructive activity is carried out there, all will have to take proper action against it,” she said.


She said Bangladesh needs to face different problems induced by the global crisis, natural calamities and man-made disasters like arson violence and other destructive activities.


Hasina said law and order is the most important issue for a country. “So, the police will have to carry out their responsibility to keep the law and order under control,” she added.


She said that today’s progress in Bangladesh has not come automatically. Rather her government had to work hard and take many plans. So, the government has been able to bring a massive change to the country within only 14 years, she added.


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The PM said her government has successfully tackled the Covid-19 pandemic, kept the wheels of the country’s economy towards the positive direction with firm policies and continued the progress of Bangladesh. “We’ve successfully been able to perform these tough jobs,” she said, adding that Bangladesh is getting acclamation from the entire world in this regard.


The premier extended her thanks to the police as the force has also made contributions to this success, particularly in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.


She again asked the police to be careful so that none can interrupt this progress. “There might be many things –anyone belongs to any party, opinion and creed, but you will have to pay a special attention so that none can destroy or obstruct any work and interrupt our ongoing progress in any sector for the sake of the interest and development of the country and the welfare of the people.”


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The PM once again said her government formulated the Perspective Plan 2021-2041 and targeted to make the country as Smart Bangladesh by 2041 through equipping the people with technology and latest knowledge. “We’ll build the country as a developed, prosperous sonar Bangladesh,” she said.


She said police have played a significant role in the development journey of Bangladesh as the law enforcement agency curbed many manmade disasters and militancy and thus helped continue the country’s progress.


“If the law and order is maintained properly, the country will surely go further towards development and we will be able to reach our desired goals,” she said.


Hasina asked all the members of Bangladesh Police to work sincerely in maintaining the law and order and finally help fulfill the target of building a Smart Bangladesh.


Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan and Public Security Division Senior Secretary Aminul Islam Khan spoke on the occasion, while Inspector General of Police (IGP) Chowdhury Abdullah Al-Mamun delivered the welcome address and Additional IGP Kamrul Hasan gave vote of thanks.


The premier also heard some high police officials as RAB Director General M Khurshid Hossain, Deputy Inspector Generals (DIGs) Anwar Hossain and Abdul Baten Amena Begum, Superintendent of Police of Jashore Praloy Kumar Joaddar, among others, spoke on the occasion.


Source: United News of Bangladesh